Cheating Sex Stories. From the Trailer Park to the Penthouse.

My cheating sex stories aren’t your usual tales.  I was a nymphomaniac from a young age so it wasn’t hard to change my circumstances. The trailer park isn’t the worst place to be raised, but it sure ain’t somewhere I’d dream of staying forever. For one thing, there’s only so many cattle auctions and chip-throwing contests you can go to and still look cute.  Cute’s my thang.

I got my first real job at the big law firm in town and met my soon to be husband. Never mind that he was twice my age, I’m the type to like ’em older, because they can teach me things.  So, I worked really hard to get to be the best when everyone expected the worst from me.

The big boss took a liking to me. And my rise began.

Geoffrey didn’t care about anything once he got a gander at my tight ass and long legs.  The fact that I didn’t have the biggest tits didn’t seem to bother him at all.  He has more money than God and he just loves spreadin’ it around.  One day at lunch he asked why a pretty girl like me had no tits. How dare he! He needed a little boning up on his manners. But, I do declare, he was right. And less than 6-months later, I had these beauties right here.

He said “no strings attached”, but I’m smarter than that!  Generally speaking, just because you come from a trailer park, doe not make you dumb. Furthermore, I knew if there’s a ‘tit’ in things, oh there most assuredly would be a ‘tat’.

A small downpayment on a new life.

At first, I was a coy young 19-year-old.  Then, I eased into my comfort-zone with him and gave all the signals for him to proceed. Next, I began to offer my time when others would not. Overtime is a necessity when you’re trying to move up. Therefore, I became invaluable as a worker.

One night, after the cleaning crew left and I was all alone in the secretarial pool.  I was bent over the file cabinets wearing a skirt tighter than should be allowed. Then, I felt him slide up behind me. I felt his cock stiffen before his hands even touched me and I oozed waiting for it.

His hands felt like silk while simultaneously, my snatch dripped for him.

Did I care about his ‘wife’?  Not a bit. If she knew what she had she might have tried harder to keep him. He slid that rod out of his trousers and straight into me like he thought I might change my mind.  Driving over and over inside me as I dripped every drop of cum silently onto his prick.

He later told me he could feel the pulse of my twat along his shaft and shot his wad with purpose and it hit its mark. That made me cream him again and again.  I am known for my sleazy-sexy antics and I’ll do just about anything to make us both squirt!  Sometimes, it’s cum and sometimes it a good old golden shower.  And, so started the pee covered pussy stories.  We were free to do it all together without worrying about the extreme taboo nature of it.

Promise me the world and I’ll give you my all.

He whispered into my ear about the life we’d have together, post-ex-wife.  And sure as shit, within 6 months he was free of that battleax and we were free to marry.  I moved into the penthouse just before the wedding. Thereupon,  the real trouble started. Tell you the truth, it’s how I came up with my cheating sex stories.

I mean, you can take the girl from the trailer park. But, you can never really take the trailer park from the girl! If you want proof of that, you should call me. I’m all about that fetish phone sex.

Spanks! Cheating Sex Stories.

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