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If there is something I love more than anything is older men. Sometimes though those older men do happen to have handsome sons, I mean, there’s nothing I can do about that. When I met Jeff I didn’t know it but he was one of those older men, divorced and with one son around my age. Jeff and I started to spend a lot of time together and he wasn’t shy about having me around. One thing let to another and it became one of the best cheating sex stories I’ve got to tell.

Spending time with Jeff was my new favorite thing. Although sometimes it was a bit awkward with his son around. It didn’t matter, I was living my best life and getting it daily from sexy older man Jeff. One weekend while he was away on a business trip he asked me to stop by his place and like a good girlfriend, I did. When I was about to leave Jeff’s son got home and that’s really when the fun started.

Jeff’s son asked why I was leaving so soon and I just smiled.

“You know, I’d definitely make you cum harder than my dad ever has!”

he said and caught me by surprise. I didn’t know what to say but it was then that I realized I wasn’t leaving anytime soon. As we started making out I didn’t even think about his dad. All I wanted was for him to fuck me. Oh, and he did. After eating my pussy for and making me cum hard right on his face, he rammed his cock inside me. He fucked me so hard the bed was squeaking so much for a moment I’d thought he would break it.

Before cumming inside me he whispered to me,

“You’re the best stepmom I’ve had.”

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