Cheating Sex Stories are some of my favorites! I so love when I can tease and torment a man with the fact that he’s being unfaithful to his wife or girlfriend!!

You’re reading my cheating sex stories, Are you a cheater? You must be… you clicked the link!!

You and I both know whats going on. She has told you she’s leaving you. Not that I care, I want you to myself anyways…  However what she doesn’t know is I am the one that you want. The one you have spent the last year talking to. You don’t want her anymore, you and I both know that. You need me, due to all of the things I can do for you that she will never be able to do. Take you places she doesn’t even know about…

So!! Face it. YOU NEED ME.

Yeah, it’s going to be sad but those lonely nights when you are sitting there all alone. I’ll be there.
When you are horny and need to get off. I’ll be there.
Guess what. I will always be there.
Don’t forget who it is that you really need.

The girl who you spend countless hours thinking, and dreaming about. So, how my sweet little young body would feel in your hands. The way that tight young little cunt of mine would taste. I know you need me. So let’s get together and show them what you can really do.

How you can please someone so perfect as myself. How much you need me, and need to make me happy. Your world revolves around me now.

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