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Cheating Sex Stories require some planning so I planned ahead to make Daddy happy.

 My Daddy’s married but his wife has no idea about his little girl. She’d kill him if she ever found out about me but I’ll never let her, I love Daddy too much and I don’t want to ruin things. Plus it’s exciting sneaking around and having our little secret. I push my limits though and we’ve nearly gotten caught a few times. The last time was the closest though and I don’t know how we’re going to top it.

Daddy was bored at work and he spent most of the day texting and emailing me. He wanted to see me and he missed me so much and he needed an incest sex story. I felt bad for him and I sent him a couple of naked pics to make him happy. He said he was so hard and he had to stay at his desk so his co-workers wouldn’t see his boner, lol. Poor Daddy.

 I told him I could take care of it tonight but he said he couldn’t see me until next weekend because his wife was around and he didn’t know when she’d be out this week. Well, I didn’t want to wait that long but I didn’t tell him that. We kept messaging until it was time for him to go home then I killed time watching TV.

I kept thinking about Daddy and checking the time, I know his wife goes to bed at 10 because that’s when he always sneaks into his home office and Skypes with me.

Just before 10 I drove to Daddy’s house and waited for the lights to go off in the upstairs window.

It was so hard to sit there and wait for his wife to fall asleep, I gave him 20 minutes then couldn’t wait any longer. I needed Cheating Sex Stories ASAP!

 Going to the back door I knocked on it because it was closer to his office and hoped it wouldn’t wake the bitch up. I had to knock twice before Daddy heard it and when he saw me standing there he looked so happy and scared. He whispered “What are you doing here? Go before someone sees you!” I pushed my way inside and Daddy kept looking upstairs, listening for his wife.

 Standing up on my tiptoes I whispered “I wanted to say Goodnight, Daddy.” then quietly went down on my knees.

He had changed into his pajamas and I pulled down the bottoms just enough to get his dick out. Daddy leaned against the wall as I held his dick and slowly stroked it to get him hard. He was so tense and it was such a rush to do this while his wife was so close.

 Holding his dick I started licking around the head, teasing the underside of it as he quietly moaned. Putting my lips around him I started swallowing it, letting it hit my throat. I sucked him hard and fast, going from his tip to his base. He thrust forward and I could hear him trying to bite back his moans as he throbbed against my tongue.

 The house sounded so quiet and I was so excited my pussy was soaking wet. I gobbled Daddy’s dick as I got rug burn on my knees and fondled his balls. They were pulling up tight and drool was sliding down my chin as his dick swelled. Getting ready I then swallowed Daddy’s cum as it filled my mouth.

 Sliding his dick out of my mouth I stood up. I kissed Daddy on the lips, whispered “Goodnight.” and left. His wife had no idea what happened in her own home while she slept.  I love Cheating Sex Stories!

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