So many guys cheat on their wives and have Cheating Sex Stories and I’m always there to be a willing pussy for them to fuck.

Cheating Sex Stories feel so dirty and wrong plus it’s scary because you don’t want the wife finding out. Nick’s tired of the dead bedroom and is having his first affair. Lucky for him he found me.

We met at a bar that was attached to a hotel. We a couple of drinks as we got to know each other better. I sipped my drink as he told me about how his wife never wants sex anymore.  She’s an annoying bitch now that she’s popped out a couple of kids. I didn’t care about that, all I cared was that he belonged to someone else and she had no idea I was stealing him away. I was going to make sure he had secret Cheating Sex Stories of his own to tell.

 Even when he’s with her he’s going to be thinking of me from now on.

When he can text me and when he can feel my tight, wet pussy around his dick. That’s what I like about this and I pouted and rubbed his arm as I told him how terrible it was. He shouldn’t live like that, I’d love to be married to a guy like him.

 I’d let him fuck me whenever he wanted and I’d do all sorts of nasty things if he asked for him. We’d make great dirty sex stories together. I wouldn’t wreck my body with kids ever, I’d stay slim and tight for him. I tipped the bottom of his beer up, forcing him to finish it then told him to forget about her because tonight he was with me.

Taking him up to our room I kicked my heels off as he took off his tie. I walked to the bed and pulled my dress off, dropping it on the floor as he followed me.

We stood in front of it and helped each other get undressed then I ran my hands over his chest then down to his dick.

He was average but I wanted to make him feel good so I stroked it a few times as I told him I wanted it in me, shove it in and pound me so hard I couldn’t walk anymore. His dick twitched in my hand and I pushed him down on the bed.

Keeping my hand around his dick I started licking up and down it, feeling every throb it made. I rubbed my tongue over his head then closed my lips around it, sliding down until I touched my hand.  Sucking him off hard and fast, my hand pumped his dick while my mouth worked the rest of it. It was sloppy and messy but good and drool dribbled down my chin as he pushed up.

I drove him to the point of cumming and was going to bring him home when he moaned and said he wasn’t ready yet.

I slid him out of my mouth and he rolled me onto my back, shoving my legs up as he shoved his dick in me.

 “Fuck.” he said, groaning as my tight pussy squeezed him. He held my legs as he started fucking me. His dick went in and out fast as he started talking nonsense, oh God, oh yeah, you like that? It must have been ages since he’s gotten pussy and I begged him not to stop. The bed squeaked as I writhed under him and two minutes later he came.

Not bad for a first time, next time’s going to be better. I’m going to show him how good sex can be. Also how boys get rewarded when they make the lady cum first.

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