Cheating sex stories were the last things on my mind when my sister asked me to keep an eye on her family. You see, my sister got a huge promotion and needed to go for training in New York to make sure she could do everything that was required for the new position.  So proud of her, of course, I was going to jump right in and help in any way I could.  My niece and nephew actually have a nanny.  She hardly ever minds staying over, however, by it being the holidays when he asked her to stay late she is unable too.  So my brother-in-law calls and explains the situation and of course I agree to come over and take care of the kids until you get off.

So, I drove over to my sister’s house, fed and bathed the kids before putting them to bed.  When the phone rang, it was him letting me know he was just about to leave the office.  He wanted to stop and get something to eat before getting here, but I let him know I had already cooked and I would be here when he got home.  I cleaned the dishes and waited for him to arrive.

Cheating sex stories start to get in my head!

We chat as he ate the food I cooked for him.  He finished eating and headed upstairs to the shower.   He showered with the door open and I continued to respond as he asks me to stay to get the kids ready in the morning.  No problem I tell him, that’s what family is for.  He yells out for me to pass you a towel from the linen closet.  When I walk in to hand him the towel there he is stroking his big black cock with soap.   I hand him the towel and he pulls me into the shower to make cheating sex stories that we will never forget.

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