Cheating Sex Stories: My boyfriend was away so I made his coworker stay

You’ll love my cheating sex stories, especially this one!

My boyfriend, James, was working ridiculous hours and not giving me much attention. I was craving to feel something intimate. My sex drive was extremely high, and I was masturbating constantly, trying to ease the tension from my body.

He called one afternoon to tell me his coworker would be stopping by to pick up a file for him because he was busy at the office. His coworker, Mark, was very handsome and I had my eye on him for a while. From the moment I hung up the phone with James, I began planning what I would do when Mark came over. When Mark arrived, I answered the door wearing sweatpants and a baggy shirt. I played everything cool and Mark didn’t suspect anything. I told him to step inside while I ran upstairs. After a moment I yelled for Mark to come upstairs. He followed the sound of my voice to the bedroom.

 When he stepped through the doorway I was wearing a sexy black bra and panty set barely covered with a short sheer robe.

He was shocked and intrigued at the same time. I slowly walked toward him telling him that James hasn’t been taking care of me lately. I told him that I had wanted him for a long time, and now was our chance. Mark was hesitant at first. I let him stutter for a bit before I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. There was no more hesitation after our lips met.

He told me he wanted to do all the things James wasn’t doing for and to me. That’s when he pushed me back on the bed and kissed every inch of my body. Mark was so amazing! He completely worshipped my body and made me feel appreciated. Before I knew it, I was riding his cock and cumming all over him. The next thing I knew, he was shooting his huge load inside of me hoping to knock me up.

As twisted and naughty as it all seemed. I loved every second of it and I wanted more. This was only the beginning of our affair. I couldn’t just let that go after he licked me from head to toe and made me cum back to back.

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