Cheating Sex Stories – Anal Sex Doesn’t Count

Cheating sex stories are so fucking hot, however, I wasn’t cheating on my husband, right? Let me tell you the story and you tell me what you think. I love this kinky phone sex story.

I needed something because I wasn’t getting any at home. It was really hard because I didn’t want to cheat on my husband. So, I came up with an amazing idea that would keep me in the clear and satisfy my need for cock.

Dressed to the nines, I went over to my friend’s house.

It was nice to catch up and have a few drinks. Yes, it took me a while before I worked up the courage to bring it up. I was still a little nervous because this was new territory for me. When he asked about my husband and how we were doing, however, I couldn’t keep beating around the bush.

I confided in my friend that my husband hadn’t touched me in weeks and that I was sexually frustrated. That’s when I took the opportunity to ask him about cheating. I told him I thought anal sex didn’t count because my pussy would still be saved for him.

To my surprise, my friend agreed so I asked him if he’d fuck me. I told him I really needed it bad and I’ve wanted to have sex with him for a while. It was a win/win and nobody would ever have to know.

While he bent me over, I reached back to spread my cheeks apart for him. That was when his eyes flicked from my rosebud to the rock on my finger. I knew me being married was turning him on and doing something so naughty made me excited, too.

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