Want to hear about one my recent cheating sex stories?

I have plenty of cheating sex stories. From times that I was cheating on my boyfriend, to times that I fucked someone else husband. Trust me, you’ll love all of my cheating sex stories! Here’s a hot one for you.

I love a man who knows how to please his woman. My one of my boyfriends Johnny loves to please. I do the same for him since his wife doesn’t give him the attention that he deserves.

Johnny took me out for dinner last night. I noticed he didn’t eat much. When we got to our hotel room, I asked him why he didn’t have an appetite. He told me he had a very big appetite but it was something that wasn’t on the menu. Me, of course! I smiled at him before kissing him and grabbing a handful of his cock through his pants. He wrapped his arms around me and grabbed ass with both of his hands. He knows how much I love that. It really turns me on. He started pulling my dress up little by little until my ass was out and then he spun me around and dropped to his knees.

He started kissing my left ass cheek, then slowly made his way to the right cheek.

Finally, after teasing me for a bit, he spread my cheeks and licked my ass like it was the best thing he’d ever had. My knees got weak. I bent over the dresser leaning on my elbows while he continued to devour my ass. He slid his hand between my legs and started rubbing my clit. At that point, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I started to cum and as soon as he felt it. He stopped. I looked back at him somewhat confused. He turned me around and carried me to the bed.

As he laid me down, he whispered in my ear. “You don’t cum until daddy says you can cum.” My body shivered just hearing those words. I love when he takes control and does all the right things. He pulled me the edge of the bed and got down on his knees. He licked up the little bit of cum that was there. Then he flipped me over on my hands and knees. He took off his belt and wrapped it around my waist. He took the end and wrapped it around his hand.

I always tense up a little when he fucks me doggy style because 9 inches of thick dick is a lot for my tight little hole, and I can feel every bit of it in that position.

This time I was very tense. I didn’t know what he doing with his belt wrapped around my waist. I soon found out what it was for. After he slid his nine-inch snake inside my soaking wet pussy, he pulled me back to him using his belt. He used his belt to control me and it drove me crazy! I love when he’s aggressive. He fucked me for over an hour and it wore me out. I didn’t mind one bit. I loved every second of it because he always knows exactly how to please me. He made sure I came several times before he let his load go.

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