cheating sex stories with a student

Cheating sex stories with me tend to involve another woman. Every school has a school whore. The girl that seems like everyone in the school has gotten to fuck one way or another. It fortunately for me that school whore at the high school I was subbing at had a crush on me. Kelsey was not the prettiest or sexiest girl at all.

She had nice size tits, nothing big but a delicious ass. She had glasses basically a nerd. And she worked at one of the mom-pop’s store right next to where I lived at temporarily. Every time I went to the store she would stare me down like I was a yummy sweet something. One day one of her friends came up to me and told me that she wanted me. I tried to put it from my mind but that same day the girl approached me.

Cheating on David with a student

I played with her pride by telling her she couldn’t handle me when it came to sex. But when I drove up one night a few days later, she got into my car. I drove over to park just to “talk”. Kelsey did not know that David walked there most nights. I took her to a table just off the path he walked so we could “talk”.  Before long we were making out and doing some serious pussy petting. As I knew would happen David walked by and saw us just as she was putting her head between my legs and licking my pussy.

David and I locked eyes. He walked straight up to me. Blocking Kelsey from being able to get up and kissed me deeply if a little angrily. I knew I had to soothe him or I was going to be in big trouble.

So I pulled David’s dick out and rubbed it so she could watch it get fully erect inches from her mouth. She was so far gone in lust I just pushed her head down onto his dick. But God she went to town on his dick. Sucking and slurping and deep throating. Then the next thing I knew he was jerking me around and I was on my knees beside Kelsey. Together we shared kisses while he fucked our mouths.

I tricked her into a 3some

David stepped over to the table and sat on it. He pulled me up and sat me straight on his cock facing away from him. Kelsey immediately started sucking my clit as David fucked my pussy. Before long I was squirting all inside of her mouth. They kept me cumming then just as I could take no more David started to cum in me. Kelsey lapped it up as it oozed from my pussy. She swallowed it all.

Of course, we took her back to our place where we played all night. LOL and many more nights to cum.

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