Cheating sex stories, I just wanted explosive orgasms!

Cheating sex stories can tell you how I had the best vacation of my life. Some time ago, I had a boyfriend who had a lot of money. He was always trying to impress me with materialistic things. He did this because he was lousy in bed. Honestly, I didn’t need anything he could buy me, I just wanted explosive orgasms. Unfortunately, he didn’t care about making me cum.

He could tell I was losing interest, so he booked us a trip to Jamaica. Hot sandy beaches and beautiful people. I bought new gorgeous bikinis, which he didn’t even notice. My plan was to lay on the beach, swim all day, and admire all those hard-brown bodies. I couldn’t wait to feel the warm salty water between my legs. It made me so hot just thinking about it.

I dropped my dress to the sand and walked into the water.

When we got to Jamaica, it was everything I had hoped for. Not only were the beaches gorgeous but so were the guys! As I was admiring the guys, I realized my boyfriend was flirting outrageously and flashing money around, drawing the women to him like flies to honey. I knew he was on the prowl to replace me, this was a fishing expedition, not to save our relationship. So, I decided I was going to make this the best vacation, on his dime!

That night I slipped a sleeping pill into his drink and as soon as he was fast asleep, I went out. I dressed in a white slip dress, white panties, no bra and no shoes! I went down to the beach. There was a gorgeous young guy swimming, I recognized him as one of the bell boys from the hotel. A tall sexy young man! As he watched me, I dropped my dress to the sand and walked into the water.

He kissed me deeply sharing my pussy juices with me.

Without saying a word, I wrapped my legs and arms around his hard body and began kissing him. His dick was rock hard pressing against me through my panties. He carried me to the beach and laid me down on the sand. Where he worshiped my body.

His lips never left my skin as he made his way from my mouth to my pussy. He stroked me with his tongue until I begged him to take me, then he finally parted my lips and sank his tongue deep inside of me and began sucking my clit. I exploded into his mouth. Then he lay down on top of me spreading as he slid between them. He kissed me deeply sharing my pussy juices with me. One of my legs wrapped around his waist, the other he brought high to drape over his shoulder. His thick cock stretched my pussy as he fucked me without mercy. So hard, so hot that we both came screaming in passion.

We never said a word to each other!

We never said a word to each other, we just smiled as I dressed and left for my room. Each night we found each other on our moonlit swims and my boyfriend got the best rest of his life. He swore the tropical air relaxed him completely!

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