Cheating Sex Short Story, or How I Taught My Instructor Who’s Really In Charge Here. 😈

Cheating Sex Short Story: Remember Professor Ben Wilson from my student teacher phone sex stories? Once upon a time, he introduced me to more than just human sexual anatomy, way back when I was just an inexperienced freshman. Now it’s MY turn to school him!

Here’s where this cheating sex short story begins, check this out:

Every Wednesday after class, we’d meet at Dr. Wilson’s home to fuck. Why hadn’t anyone noticed us yet? Well, my professor was very private (read: sneaky!) and so insisted on absolute secrecy. Walking in separate directions as we left the Psychology Department building, we’d both leave campus and eventually arrive at his place.

So that no one would know, he’d let me in the back door after first making certain no one else was home. It should be mentioned that he lives in the same neighborhood in which I’d grown up and where my parents still live, so discretion was paramount in his eyes.

With very little conversation, he’d lead me up the stairs and we’d urgently undress each other in the dimly lit bedroom as I initially remained quiet. At first, that is!

With all the curtains tightly drawn, we’d play our sex games all afternoon on the plush, king-sized bed.

It goes without saying that this is the same bed he normally shares with his wife when he’s not fucking this hot college girl. First, he’d kiss and caress me for what seemed like hours. He’d take his time, leisurely touching me everywhere and making me squirm and moan with need.

Next, he’d spend the most time between my legs. Kissing and licking and nibbling my toned thighs, he acted as if he had all the time in the world. Once I was panting and groaning, he’d finally start in on my aching cunt. He’d spend a long time worshiping my juicy pussy, seeming to love making me squirt repeatedly under the onslaught of his clever tongue and agile fingers.

Indeed, he’d even watch how my inner and outer labia (AKA: my pussy lips!) would swell and open and change color like a new rose in bloom. As I lay on my back with my trembling thighs spread wide, I’d clench my legs around him. Finally, he’d plunge inside, fucking me hard. As you might expect, I wouldn’t let him change position until he’d made me cum at least a few times.

While we fucked, at first it always began the same way. However, anything could happen after that in this cheating sex short story and it usually did!

My initial “shyness” vanished after that first handful of orgasms, then I’d roll him over onto his back with a naughty grin. After all, it was my turn to make him feel the heat! I’d straddle his hips as I considered the best way to mindfuck him this time.

Before I ever said a word, I’d tease him in a million different ways with my youthful curves and tantalizing caresses. Once I finally slid down his shaft to impale myself on his throbbing hardness, I’d look into his eyes as I spoke.

“I’ll open the blinds so everyone can see us fucking, “Professor” Wilson. Want me to do that right now?” I whispered in a purr as I began to ride him in a slow grind, emphasizing his name just to fuck with his head.

“Please don’t,” he’d groan, suspecting what “came” next.

“I’ll walk out the front door in broad daylight while letting my sundress fall off my shoulders. I’ll smile and wave at everyone in the neighborhood. What do you think?” I giggled wickedly.

“Fuck, no,” he’d gasp harshly, trying to thrust upward into me faster in an effort to cum before I could continue.

“You just can’t resist, can you?” I whispered, leaning down to nuzzle his ear with my satiny lips as I gripped him with my dripping cunt. “Admit it, Doctor.

Just to make him writhe, I’d pull his cock out of my drenched sex, then I’d imprison it against his belly. Continuing with my wicked little mindfuck, I’d grindingly slide my slick, tingling clit up and down the underside of his rigid cockshaft.

I grinned at him, continuing as he groaned helplessly. “Although I threaten you each time, you won’t ever stop fucking me, will you,” I said like the statement it was.  “Even though all I’d have to do kiss you in the hallway and it would all be over?”

“Omg, don’t,” he’d mumble, trying to pull me back onto him.

“Awww baby, does it bother you to fuck in front of ‘the fam’?” I purred. I turned his head toward his wife’s bedside table, making him look at all the family photos grouped there. As a result, he started to shake again while I resumed fucking him. At the same time, I continued the delicious torment.

“Do the pics of your wifey upset you, baby? What do you think about fucking my tight, pretty cunt while she watches us?”

Meanwhile, I’d slow the riding pace before continuing, just to torture him further. “Professor, do you like fucking me here in your bed, knowing she’ll sleep beside you tonight without a clue? Hmm, will she notice it smells like sweet young pussy in here?”

“Ungh, don’t stop,” he’d urgently growl as I took him, getting closer with each word. I could tell he hated himself and hated his situation, but never actually hated me. Never even coming close. He was addicted to what only I could give him and we both knew it.

“Cum for me,” I’d finally demand, rocking my hips. I rode him at just the right angle to make him feel every exquisite sensation.

“Fill me up with every drop of your thick jizz, so tomorrow in class you’ll remember. Each time I open my legs in the front row, you’ll remember that you fucked me yet again. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do to make it untrue.”

Of course, that was the last straw and we both knew it. After that, he proceeded to lose his freaking mind. What fun! “Fuuuuck, Angel!” he mindlessly screamed aloud while he pulled me down for a kiss, filling me again and again. As he blasted my perfect pussy for the final time with what seemed like gallons of scalding seed, he kept mumbling something.

Murmuring it like a mantra, he panted “It’s done. I’m letting you go after this, Angel. It’ll never happen again.”

“Uh huh. Right,” I thought to myself, trying not to laugh aloud. “He says that EVERY time.”

While I pulled on my clothes in that sex-scented bedroom, I called out in a cheerful singsong. “Mmmhmm, I’ll see you tomorrow, Professor Wilson!”

“Please use the back door so no one sees you, Angel,” he attempted to order me as I left, strutting down the hall.

“Sure, I’ll think about it,” I cockily taunted as I yelled back, probably making his cock twitch and jump all over again. “Perfect,” I grinned to myself. “I’m sure tomorrow’s class will be quite entertaining. For ME, at least!”

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