My boyfriend had been begging me to spend time with his sister. Family was very important to him and he thought her and I would get along. She was a very attractive girl. She had nice full tits, and always smelled good. I don’t know what it was about me but for some reason I just knew she didn’t like me. Maybe it was because I was stealing his brother, or maybe it was because I was spending too much time at their place. I finally agreed to and on a Saturday afternoon, my “sister-in-law” and me were going to have an early dinner. I never thought I would end up cheating on my boyfriend.

We met at a very nice restaurant. It was very awkward at first but we warmed up to each other. We ordered some food and had a nice conversation. We actually had a lot in common. We liked the music, we had the same style, I guess we never really talked to each other. She said we should continue our conversation at their place. When we arrived there was no one. It was only her and I, almost dark outside. We went into her room, which I had never been in and she just attacked me. She said she had been waiting for this since her brother introduced us. She was kissing, and I didn’t stop her. She was an ever better kisser than her brother. She started fondling my breasts under my shirt as we made out passionately. I took off my shirt, as she unbutton my jeans. I took them off and she took of hers. We were both just in our panties. Still making out, standing up. She had me pinned against the wall as she started kissing down my body. She took off my panties lifted one of my legs and started eating me out. I begin moaning, and pushing her head into my pussy. I was soaking wet. She stood up, opened up a drawer and pulled out a strap-on dildo. She put it on, and turned me around. My pussy was soaking wet. I could feel the juices dripping down my legs. She started fucking me from being. Hard and deep. Asking me if her brother fucked me like she did. Of course he didn’t. She was just the pinch of hardcore and sweetness, all in one. She was better. I came on her big dildo.

We cuddled for awhile till her brother texted me that he was on his way home. When he arrived, we let him know we were going to be spending a lot of time together. My boyfriend was so happy I got along so well with his sister.



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