My Boyfriend Didn’t Know I Love Lesbian Sex Stories

My boyfriend knows how much I love his dick. I love staying over at his place and getting fucked all night long. It kind of turns me on so much knowing his entire family is home and in his room, I am bent over his bed getting from behind. A lot of the times he has to keep his hand over my mouth so I don’t moan too loud. Last night was very different though, my boyfriend drank a bit too much and when I wanted to fuck, it didn’t happen. That’s when one of the best lesbian sex stories came to be.

Once my boyfriend fell asleep I snuck out of his room. I just wanted to leave but something told me to check his sister’s room. I knocked and she let me in. My boyfriend’s sister was a smoking hot brunette with perfect tits. Though I never thought about her that way, that night I was so horny I did not even care. She and I started talking while sitting on her bed. I told her that her stupid brother had fallen asleep on me. She giggled and said that every night I was over she could hear me. I jokingly asked if it turned her on.

Her response surprised me.

She said that my moaning made her so wet. One thing led to another and we were making out. She really didn’t want to give him but once I pushed my fingers in her tight soaking wet pussy it was game over. My boyfriend’s sister gave me another surprise. She got a big strap-on and just like my boyfriend, she bent me over her bed and fucked me hard. There was something so fucking sexy about cheating on my boyfriend with his own sister. I came so hard and after that, I ate her out and she came all over my face.

Every weekend from now on I am getting my boyfriend drunk in hopes of having his sister quench my thirst for some sex.