The Cheating Girlfriend Is At It Again

My boyfriend is great and we have been together for a long time, but I’m just not one of those girls who can’t stay faithful.  I can’t help it if I like to go out and get some “strange” every now and again.  Hell, sometimes the guy (and girls) aren’t strangers at all.  That’s where this story comes in about my cheating.

My boyfriend just started a new job.  Being the caring girlfriend I am, I decided to bring lunch and let his show off his sexy girlfriend.   As soon as I stepped foot in the door there he was, the boss.  Talk, dark, and undeniably sexy.  We locked eyes and I knew what was going to happen.  With a smirk and a smile, I headed down the hall to my boyfriend’s office.

I walked back down the hall towards the exit doors.  There he was.  Mr. Fuck Me Eyes, with his confident glare, damn near hypnotized me into his office.  I just couldn’t control myself.  I could see the bulge in his slacks and I knew it would soon be in my mouth.  My boyfriend couldn’t have been further from my mind and we shut the door.

  It was electric, erotic, and primal.  He pushed me against the locked door and began to force my dress down.  His hands worked fast and before I knew it I had nothing on but my thigh highs and heels.  I dropped to my knees like a slutty school girl and took his cock in my hands.

 He filled my mouth perfectly and I sucked with delight.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and wound it around his hand as he lifted me to my feet.  I was bent over the desk, getting pounded, screaming and moaning.  I knew the whole office could hear us but I didn’t care.  We came so hard as he collapsed over me.

I got myself dressed and check the mirror.  I couldn’t leave looking like a mess.  As I opened the door, I turned and smiled. “By the way, I’m Jamie,” I said and walk out.  I hope my boyfriend gets a good raise.

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