I see the look on your face when I come in late from working the “night shift”. I see the way you look at me when I remove my clothes (shirt, pants, socks, bra, panties). It’s the look of concern and question. Concern because you know that I’ve been with someone else all night while you home patiently waiting for me, your cheating girlfriend. Question because you’re just dying to know who had the honor of making love to me while you waited for me to come home to you.

Your brother first started texting me after the big family barbeque last summer. At first it was just friendly and fun.

“Tell my brother he’d better treat you right or you’ll be my girlfriend.”

“It was nice meeting you at the bbq.” 

Then, the texts changed around the time Thanksgiving rolled around.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“I want to taste you.”

“Meet me at my place while he’s sleeping.”

You were so clueless about what was going on. It’s laughable now that I think about it. Your brother and I fuck every chance we get and now I don’t care if you know or not. I don’t care because I love getting fucked by your brother while knowing that you are home waiting for me like a puppy dog LOL! I just love it when your brother spreads my legs and eats my pussy until my eyes roll to the back of my head. All I can think about when he’s in between my legs is how you wish you could eat pussy the way he does. You pathetic fuck.

He smells so good as I kiss his neck. I love to whisper sweet nothings into his ear as he confiscates my body and makes me beg for his cock. His cock, which by the way, is much bigger than yours, is a perfect fit inside of my tight pussy. Tonight, as your brother was fucking me, you called to make sure I was alright. We laughed as your grinning face flashed across my phone’s screen. I am the perfect cheating girlfriend for you, aren’t I?

He fucked me harder as he told me to switch the phone to speaker mode as we listened to your pathetic voice mail telling me that you couldn’t wait to taste my pussy when walked through the door. Wow! You really do love me don’t you? You even cooked a romantic dinner and had candles burning when I walked through the door. The smile that came across my face wasn’t because of your romantic gesture. That smile was because I could feel your brother’s cum sliding out of my pussy and down my leg. You’re lucky to even have a girlfriend like me. At least I let you eat my pussy when I come home late. That extra juiciness you feel on your tongue? That’s your brother’s cum oozing down your throat. Enjoy! There’s much more where that came from.

Be my pathetic boyfriend and let me tell you exactly what happens when I have adult play dates with not only your brother, but your best friend, your hot next door neighbor and all of your male colleagues at your job!

Let Carmen be your cheating girlfriend for a phone sex session you’ll never forget.


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