So many hours and days pass by while I’m at work. Where I just can’t help myself but stare at my boss, imagining all the ways I could fuck him. To feel his dark skin, and toned muscles. Every so often I’d go into his office and blow him under his desk. My husband at home would be incredibly jealous if he knew. The thought of having a cheating giantess cuckold session with my boss is intoxicating!

I need to trick my husband, and make him tiny!

Luckily, I know the perfect way to get my fetish-loving husband small and at my mercy. I concoct a little treat in my kitchen, something with a sweet smell and invisible. Before my husband is finished with his shower, I rub the potion on my feet, making them soft and smell inviting. My husband fell for me when he found out I got turned on doing foot-fetish phone sex.

Seeing me rub lotion on my soon-to-be giantess feet, had him rock hard.

He came into the bedroom, mouth wide open at the beautiful sight in front of him. “Oh, Mia, you look so sexy tonight! Are you preparing your feet for me?” He asks, practically drooling with anticipation. I look up at him with a devilish grin and coax him over to me with my foot. “Come play with me handsome, lick and suck on these feet”. With that, he rushes over and grabs my foot in his hand, and licks between my toes. The more he sucks and licks the smaller he gets.

Before he knows it, he’s holding up my foot like Atlas holds the Earth.

I can’t wait to have my cheating giantess cuckold! I push my foot further on top of him, as he becomes the size of a small hamster; grabbing him up in my toes and toss him across the bed. Then I scoop him up and put him on the headboard so he can’t get down. I hear a knock at the door, and open it to see my boss on the other side. I grab him by his collar and drag him inside, making out and stripping him immediately.

He rips the clothes off me, with a passion like I’ve never known!

Then, he tosses me on the bed and I look up at my tiny little man. “You want to see something special, Ray?” He nods at me and I grab up my husband by the back of his shirt and drop him on the bed between Ray and me. “This is my pathetic cuckold husband I told you about. I want you to show him how much better you can handle me. First, let’s teach him his place” I kick him over to Ray with my foot, and we just bat him around like a hacky sack. I bounce him on my ankle, squish him between my toes, then Ray and I smash him between our feet. Our cheating giantess cuckold session, going off to a fun start!

Soon, a thrilling idea comes over me, and I pick up my little slave and plop him on top of Ray’s hard cock. He catches himself, but my lips are already on their way down, ready to swallow him up. I wrap my mouth around his cock, the little man holding on for dear life as my saliva threatens to drown him, my lips sliding over his body smashing him against Ray’s cock.

Ray wants to fuck me, and cuckold this tiny man riding his big black cock!

So, Ray grabs me off his cock and throws me back on the bed. My husband still holding on to his cock for dear life. When he looks up he can see he’s coming closer to my pussy. He closes his eyes, digs his hands in deeper into Ray’s skin. Ray shoves his cock into my pussy, my juices flowing all over. Crashing into him like waves in the ocean. Ray pounds his cock into me, pushing the little slave into my cheating giantess cervix. The ultimate cheating giantess cuckold session. Once Ray cums, he shoots his massive load in my pussy, practically drowning my little husband in his white cum.

Ray pulls out his cock, but there’s no small man to be seen. I fish my fingers up inside trying to find the poor lost soul. He’s lost up there, hopefully, ready to be birthed out again, in time.

Mia Kinky Crew