Cheating With Best Friend’s Husband. So Wrong But Feels So Good!

Cheating is wrong, yes I know that. But he was so fine! And so persistent! I tried to resist! I tried to be a good friend. Some back story is called for here Kristy had been married to Denver for a very long time. I had actually went to high school with him. I didn’t know him in high school (he was kind of a nerd and not worth my notice) Once I became friends with Kristy, I only thought of Denver as her husband. I would hang out occasionally, maybe drink a little, play some cards. There was never any flirting going on.

Well then, I needed a place to stay for a while and Kristy offered their place. They needed a live in nanny and I would be perfect! At first nothing happened but then one day, about a week after I moved in, Denver was in the gym working out and I was in the living room with Kristy. I heard a noise behind me and looked over and he was standing there looking like my wet dream. Sweaty, wearing a tank top and basketball shorts, all in black. Muscles defined.

I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

And he knew. I saw in his eyes that he could tell. Every thing was innocent for the next couple days. And then I was asleep on the couch because my room wasn’t done yet. Denver had taken Kristy to work and dropped the kids off at school and come back to the house because he had a few hours until he had to work. I woke up with my toes being licked and sucked VERY slowly and VERY thoroughly. After he was done worshipping my feet and toes, he moved up my legs, taking the time to kiss every inch of my calves and thighs until he reached my pussy. After spending plenty of time licking, kissing and fingering me there, he finally settled down to really eating my slit. Once he made me cum, reason returned and I told him that this couldn’t happen.

That cheating was wrong.

I managed to hold him off for 2 weeks. The day finally came though that he got fed up. He was in his room while his wife was at work. The kids were outside playing and I knocked on his bedroom door to ask him a question. The door opened and his hand snaked out to snatch me into the room. The door slammed shut and he had me against the wall kissing me, one hand on my tit the other pushing my tiny pink shorts off. Once that was accomplished, he ripped my tank top open, turned me around, bent me over, held my hips and guided his big thick cock into my dripping wet pussy.

He pounded the fuck out of me making me scream out when I came. Then he pulled me around by my hair and forced me to my knees making me suck the cum out of his dick. After he blew his load down my throat, he smiled at me and asked “Now, you’re done telling me no, right?” I so was! For the next two years I was at his sexual beck and call! I hear he is coming back into town soon. Maybe…

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