You’ve Found Your Secret Slutty Mistress

I know you’re bored of your wife and your very basic sex. I know you’re yearning for some variety, something exciting. Everyone gets bored of the same thing every single day. But, I have a great idea. Why don’t you cheat with me? I want to be your secret slutty mistress. How hot would it be to sneak around with me? Secret sex is the best! There’s something so thrilling and erotic about having to sneak around. It’s a lot of fun. Trust me, you will never be bored with a secret slutty mistress like me!

Hot MILFs like me know how to keep a man very happy. Do you love hot rough sex and having your cock worshipped? Do you love to try new things in the sack? Great, you’ve come to the right girl. I love pushing the limits in anything I do, especially sex. Let’s get wild together!

Let’s Sneak Around

We’ll always find ways to be together. Even if we have to be a little creative. When you’re at the office, just tell your wife that you’ve got to work late. And when you’re there all alone, your secret slutty mistress will show up.

I’ll be wearing a coat and when I take it off I’m in nothing but lacy lingerie, ready to fuck your brains out. I’ll take your pants down, suck your cock, then push you onto your desk. Then, I’ll straddle you and ride your cock until we’re both cumming. 

If you can’t stay late, we can fuck during your lunch breaks. I’ll be waiting at the hotel nearby and as soon as you enter the room I’ll drop to my knees and suck you dry. You’ll probably be a little late back to the office because I’m going to insist that you fuck me doggy-style before you leave me. 

And what about that company trip? That’s the perfect time to spend time with your secret slutty mistress! I’ll meet you there and stay in your hotel room with you. You can skip out on some of those boring conferences to fuck my ass instead. None of your co-workers will even know I’m there. I’ll just be your secret little fuck slut. 

Cheat With Me!

So, what do you say? Do you want to cheat with me? We will have some much filthy fun together. Plus, I want you to do anything you want to me. Nothing is off-limits, babe. However, a secret slutty mistress like me tends to be a little greedy. I want you to resist that bitchy wife of yours and save that cock for me. Because I want all that cum to myself, baby. I hope you don’t mind that I get a little possessive with those big loads of yours. Because I just want them all for me! I know I’m bad. I’m such a greedy slut. 


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