Chastity can be so much fun! For me… not for you!

Locking you up in a chastity device is just another way I can own you! We’ll start off slow, just a day or two in the cage. Then lengthen it to a week at a time. Even at that short time, you will be begging me to let you out so you can cum. But it’s going to take something extra special to make that happen, I can promise you.

My subbie slut Eric, he pays for time out of the cage. He was so desperate that an hour out to try to cum, cost him quite a bit lol. And poor dumb cock sleeve, he thought I would be at his beck and call to help him cum. HAHA! He was paying by the minute so I made sure to take his mind off what he was doing any chance I got. So what you need to begin is a male chastity device. We can spend a whole visit together shopping online for just the right one.

And between you ordering it and it getting to you, I know you’ll be torn by excitement and terror the whole time.

Every day running to check the mail, sighing with relief and disappointment every time the package doesn’t show up. You’ll end up practically stalking your mail man. And then the day when you see it. Deceptively innocent sitting there in its plain brown box. You take it inside and open it. Slowly. Reverently. The air catches in your lungs when you get your first peek at the steel gleaming so savagely. And in an interesting reaction, your soon to be locked up cock gets rock hard. It isn’t the literal act of being locked up that makes your heart race and your blood pound. It’s the power that you give me.

The ultimate act of submission to my will. You are placing your orgasms at my strict control and you know that I am an exacting mistress who won’t take it easy on you. But you do this as a tribute and you know that will please me! You are so tempted to put it on and call me. But not yet! There is a ceremony of sorts that we will do. As well as rules and safety precautions! I can’t wait! Give me your orgasms! They belong to me!

Fetish Phone Sex!