You are becoming a chastity cuckold tonight.


You heard that right you pathetic fucking chastity cuckold.  I’m locking up your little dick and then you will watch as I fuck a real cock. There’s nothing better than a big black cock! This size queen is tired of your little dick and having to fake my orgasms. Well, I’m not faking this!

The door opens up and in walks a tall, muscular black man. “His name is Ehrik and his big black cock is going to be so much better than your little dick.” Ehrik starts to strip his clothes as I lock the chastity cage on your little pecker. This one has little barbs on the inside that will dig into your cock if you get hard.

Oh, this chastity cuckold is going to be so much fun!

You watch as I head over to my big black cock lover and drop to my knees. I run my tongue over his shaft as I look at you. When we look into each other’s eyes I take that big black cock in my mouth and suck him down. You groan and arch your hips up. Wishing my mouth would worship your cock instead of his.

I will never take your dick like this. Instead, I think you will forever be my chastity cuckold. Ehrik pulls me up off of his cock and takes me to the bed. He positions me on my back to where you can watch his cock slide into me. Inch by thick inch he fucks me. My moans fill the room and I almost forget you are there.

His big black cock feels amazing in my wet cunt!

Maybe next he will fuck my ass and have some amazing cuckold anal sex with me. Anything to make your little dick throb and ache in the chastity cuckold cage I’ve locked you in. I want those little barbs digging in and causing you pain. Your balls will be so full and heavy! I bet you will even cum without being able to touch it.

That is if I even let you cum. Ehrik starts fucking me harder and faster. His big black cock makes my pussy cum so hard I squirt all over him. “Look at what I do to your woman. How she falls apart on my cock better than she ever did with yours. This is my pussy now!” Grabbing my hips so he can hold me in place.

He brutally fucks me.

Like an animal has been let loose. Ehrik pins me under him as his cock slams into me. My pussy making the best wet noises from his relentless pounding. I cum again all over him. “Oh god this cock is so much better. I never want that little pathetic pecker in me again. This is how a real man fucks!” I scream out Ehriks name as his cock starts pumping me full of his cum.

It sends me over again. Cumming for the third time! My plan to make you a chastity cuckold is the best plan I think I’ve had in a while. I’ll never take that little dick again. Maybe even leave you in that cage for a while. Stewing with that painful hard-on that you can’t touch. The perfect chastity cuckold. Now get over hear and clean me up!

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