Chains and whips. Love to tie you up…… Tighten that rope around your cock and balls so much they turn blue. Laughing at you hanging by those chains, clips through your nipples.  The blood, your sweat.  Watching you hold back those tears you weak fuck! You have no idea how much painful pleasure you are about to receive.

I love to make you squirm.  Love it when you yell out your safe word in between your screams.  Listening to you pant.  Spanking and whipping you.  Making then red marks turn into welts to  open bloody wounds.  Run my finger nails in between your sores.

I know you area whiny little bitch, but…. I know yo love it! I know you can’t resist the pain that makes your cock twitch.  The harder the pain, the stiffer the cock. the bigger the explosion.  If I left you explode that is.

I laugh at you as you beg and plead for mercy.  Begging me to let you cum.  Giving you the absolute release.  However, I am obsessed with tease and denial.  There is no way I can just let you cum that easy.  You have to prove yourself to me.  Only then will you be allowed the ultimate orgasmic pleasure!