CFNM: Clothed Female Naked Male…

Need I say more? Come here mister, sit with me and let me show you something super fun!! Do you have what it takes to resist the temptations of my silky phone sex voice? To listen to your one and only princess as she teases you with CFNM? Letting your rub your shaft against those amazing tight pants you have been gawking at all night. I know you want me, to feel the softness of my skin pressing against you. Only to be thwarted by those pesky clothes!

Just one touch is all you need…

The simple layer of fabric between you and what you are wanting to obtain is the greatest tease you could ever imagine. So close yet so far away!

What would you do to be able to slide my tight little shorts down? To feel yourself finally getting to touch that smooth milky skin you have been thinking about all night? To obtain what you have been lusting and longing after for days, weeks, even months…

How does it feel knowing that your orgasm is in my control? That you will not be able to reach the climax you have been longing for all day until you hear my sweet little cotton candy voice asking you to cum? Teasing and tormenting you the whole time, listening to you beg for just a simple touch. A feel, or even taste of what it is that you truly desire. Tease and denial are around the corner.

How bad do you want it, Mister, would you do anything for it? Would you succumb to my teasing and tormenting, allowing me to mess with you in ways you never felt possible?

Why don’t you pick up your phone Mister! Pick it up punch the number in that are below all of these words and let me take you on the journey you have been wanting and needing so desperately. Even if you are not yet aware that this is exactly what you need.

Try My kind of phone sex! TRY CFNM!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke