Ever wonder what cemetery sex would be like?

Cemetery sex is something I have been fantasizing about for a while. I imagined how taboo it would be to lay down on a gravesite, take off my panties and fuck a dude long and hard. I finally got my chance last week. I don’t know what was hotter, being in a dark creepy graveyard at midnight, the black dude with the thick 10-inch cock fucking me, or the anticipation of the dirty deed. All I know is I came multiple times. It was freaking awesome!

I met this guy, Trey at a bar. Hot dude, tall black and rough looking. We were talking about some of our sexual fantasies and I told him how I always though doing it in a cemetery would be fucking hot. Trey smiles and said that he knew exactly where to take me. Before I knew it we were on a train to south Brooklyn. He told me he lived near a cemetery as a kid and spent a lot of time hanging out there, getting high.

Trey had swiped a bottle of whiskey from the bar so we were chugging it as we rode the train. I kept rubbing his thigh and his crotch with my boot. I wanted him to be ready for our sex romp. I was nervous and excited when we finally got off and started walking to the cemetery.

Trey knew where to sneak in after hours. It was almost midnight when he found the perfect spot. It was the grave of a child who died in 1898. There was an old marble statue of the baby. So creepy. “Lay on this one.” Trey demanded.

I was nervous. I don’t believe in ghosts but still…..

I sat down on the ground and then put my head down near the gravestone. I took my panties off and spread my legs. “Come here, Baby.” I said to Trey. “Fuck me on this dirty grave.” He shoved his huge black cock into me, banging me against the dead girl’s tombstone. I dug my nails into the ground as I moaned and screamed. I was covered with dirt and cum when we were finished. Cemetery sex is unbelievable!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke