Celebrity sex tape shower scandals are bad enough all by themselves. However, when I met up with this anonymous A list celebrity I was after more than just a sex tape. You see, I spent so much time talking about impregnation phone sex that once my eyes were on him all I could see was dollar signs. That’s right, this savage blonde babe was ready to be the breeding slut for a famous celeb so she could bare his child. After all, child support would be enough for me to live off of for years to come.

It was easy for me to seduce him. After all, my sexy curves in a hot pink form fitting dress catches everyone’s eyes. His head started at my feet and followed up my long legs to my ass. I knew I had him exactly where I wanted him.

Celebrity Sex Tape Shower Scandal Makes Me A Rich Girl

Finally, fast forward your mind to where we were stripping to get into the shower. I propped my cell phone on it’s side catching the perfect view of my tonging his beautiful ass hole. He groaned as he stroked his cock, lifting his leg so I could shove my face closer against him.

I begged and begged for him to fuck me till finally he tossed me over his bed. There was not even the slightest reach for protection as he stuffed himself inside of my cunt. I moaned out begging for him to coat my cervix. I told him I wanted to be his little cum slut. However, I could barely contain my excitement at the thought of his swimmers impregnating me. As he began to dump his load inside of my I through my hair back and screamed out for him to know me up with Mommy’s little money maker. I think he immediately realized his mistake but it was too late.

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