Celebrity Sex Stories-I Wanted Him From The First Time I Saw Him…

I walked onto the set to deliver something and he came walking toward me. He was in full costume as Aqua Man and I stood there staring. Most likely my mouth was open. He stopped and smiled down at me. WTF, I stood there frozen!

I stood there like an imbecile wondering why Jason Momoa was talking to me. Today I had chosen to wear a pair of cutoff jeans and to tight t-shirt. My large breasts were full and my nipples hard. It was obvious my long legs were glistening from the summer heat. He was probably able to hear my heart was pounding!

Can I help you? he asked.  I forgot why I was there. He looked a little puzzled. Are you delivering something he motioned to the box in my hands? Oh, yes I snapped out of it and smiled saying that I was there to deliver this to the makeup designer. He smiled and motioned me in the right direction. Thanks, I stuttered and continued to stand there expecting him to move along and I was going to watch him walk away. He didn’t but continued to stare at me.

He reached behind leaning against me if only I was not holding this stupid box!

Finally, he reached behind me leaning his hard body against me. I truly wished I was not holding the box. I thought he was going to kiss me but instead, he pulled the door open to the camper I was standing in front of. “Since I cannot go through you would you like to come inside so that I can enter my trailer? he smirked.

I looked back and realized what he was referring to. I was blocking him from entering his trailer. OMG, I was a true idiot! I apologized and started to move away. “Come back when your done delivering your package” he invited. I smiled and he knew I would be back. Which I was in just a few minutes.

When I entered his trailer he was sitting on the couch with a cold drink in his hand. He was like a God sitting there. He motioned for me to sit on his knee. What is your name he said huskily? Simone, I smiled sweetly knowing my every dream was about to come true!

He growled and pulled me onto his lap!

I was not waiting for small talk that is not what I wanted from this man. It was my desire to feel every inch of him and to taste him everywhere. Standing I removed my shorts and shirt revealing my lacy white thong and bra. Removing both of those I stood there naked in front of the man of desires.

He looked at me with desire heavy in his eyes. Someone knocked on his door. He growled for them to leave him alone. He pulled me down onto his lap. I straddled his wide thighs and began pulling at his clothes. Greedily, I needed to feel his massive shoulders, those strong arms. Desperately I wanted to know how his dick felt in my hands. His kiss tasted like fresh sweet berries and morning dew.

Everything about this man was masculine. He growled as I pulled his britches open and found his thick cock. It was pulsating in my hand and I stroked him pulling him against my wet throbbing pussy. I begged him to fuck me. His hands on my hips he lifted me until I pushed his dick deep inside me splitting my pussy apart and stretching it.

He was so strong and perfect!

I threw my head back and rocked my hips in that ancient dance of sex. My hands on his strong shoulders and his on my hips we fucked until we both exploded.

Just as my body was wracked with wave after wave of orgasm I woke up my bed was drenched, my legs were quivering and my pussy was throbbing. I lay alone in my bed having just had the best-wet dream of Jason Mamoa EVER!

Jason Mamoa is my celebrity dream fuck!

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