Celebrity Sex Stories From My Own Filthy Fantasies

I love those shocking celebrity sex stories! Those scandals that get plastered across the front of the magazines in the checkout line. But unfortunately those celebrity sex stories in those mags are never detailed enough! I still have questions! How big is Brad Pitt’s dick? Does Jared Padalecki lick pussy? Which cast member of teen mom has a hard luck case of roast beef lips? (Clue… its Jenelle!) Does Benedict Cumberbatch have a secret fetish? I can never get the answers I need so I make them up. I make up my own celebrity sex stories to keep me (and now you) titillated!

I’ve got one of my favorites right here ready to share. Sit back, get some popcorn and lets get scandalous!

I’ve been like most women this last weekend and I’ve been binging on Orange is The New Black. So let’s go ahead and assume this is going to concern a star from that show. Because… well it is! Not this season. But I really love Ruby Rose. She is 10 tons of sexy. I love the accent and just… everything really.

I’m at the beach on my trip south and start to notice a group of people.

I trek my way to the bathrooms and make my way through the crowd. I’m stopped at the doors by the big bouncer guy standing there. He tells me I’m just going to have to find somewhere else to go.  I decide not to argue and duck into the men’s room. After I’m done with my business, I am washing my hands and a door in the far wall opens and this gorgeous girl comes through and closes it quietly. She turns to me and places her finger to her incredibly full lips motioning for quiet.

I stood there stunned because I noticed her right off. That face had helped me get myself off many many times as I rode it. Well in my fantasies anyway! She was just as gorgeous in person as I’d ever imagined. She walked up to me and leaned in close to whisper “Please don’t say anything. I just need a minute to myself.” I smiled and nodded.

She looked at me quizzically. “I can tell you know who I am. But you aren’t shrieking like crazy. Why is that?” I licked my lips to answer but noticed with a thrill that her eyes followed the motion of my tongue. “I’m sure you get tired of it, is all. I’m as into you as anyone out there, I promise”

Her eyes sparkled at me and she grinned “Into me, are you? In what way?” As she said this, she pressed herself closer to me until the last words were whispered against my lips.

“In this way” I breathed as I pushed forward enough to lick her bottom lip before settling in to the kiss with seriousness.

“Aww Honey, as much as I would love to spend hours on every inch of your body, we don’t have a lot of time. How about I make you cum now as a down payment for later?”

With that she put her hand in my bikini bottom and found my already throbbing clit. I moaned and she put her other hand over my mouth and smiled as she worked my clit faster and faster. It didn’t take me long to cum at the end of her talented fingers (and I almost came again when she put them in her mouth to suck them clean) And before I was done with my after shocks, she pulled a card from her bag and slid it under the waist band of my bathing suit and kissed me. “Call me tonight, I’ll make it better, love.”

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