Celebrity Sex Stories: My Celebrity Crushes, Female Edition!

In this world that we live every day, we are surrounded by celebrities and finding out news about their lives. It is extremely hard to see a celebrity that you don’t have an attraction to! We all love the hot celebrity sex stories. Most of these celebrities we would be more than happy to fuck too, don’t even lie. ;D In this post, I will show you a few of my hottest female celebrity crushes!


Jaime Alexander

How could anyone not want to fuck this beautiful “BlindSpot” actress? Not only does have a lot of nude-ish shots in the show due to her tattoos (that’s kind of the plot) but if you have not seen her, you need to look her up! She is so fucking sexy, and I can only imagine how yummy she tastes in between those sexy legs of hers. ;D

Blake Lively

She seems like America’s sweetheart, but I bet this girl can get so fucking dirty in between the sheets! She is married to Ryan Reynolds of course, which is always saddening, even though he is very hot, but I feel like one of these days, if ever given the chance, I can turn her to my side of the field. ;D She would be a dream cum true! ;D

Jordana Brewster

You may know this beauty from the Fast and the Furious movies, but she also did a lesbian movie, which is one of my all-time favorite movies! This brunette beauty is stunning and sexy, all in one package! Oh, the things I would do to her because just look at her. ;D I would love to see what she tastes like, as well as to see her head in between my legs. Can you really blame me? ;D She’s really fucking hot!


Stayed tuned for my male celebrity crushes!


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