Celebrity Nip Slip isn’t a common occurrence, but it’s gold when you get to witness it.

Walking around Los Angeles, you get to see a lot of celebrities, but a Celebrity Nip Slip is a real treat. I started a little side job in film production. If you think it isn’t new for me to be on camera, you’re right. This time, however, I’m behind the scenes strangely enough. Every time I walk on set, it’s a new adventure and last weekend was no exception. There were three pretty big names that we’re shooting for a new movie. I don’t get star struck usually, but of course, it is exciting.

A beautiful actress that has been in a huge sitcom and several films was there wearing a pretty loose t-shirt. I know if you looked her up, you would find a sex tape or two, and I know this because I looked her up, haha. This means you can, of course, see her naked, and that is super hot. The thing is, an accidental Celebrity Nip Slip, for whatever reason, has its own sexy scale, I think. Probably because it’s unintentional and whoever sees the nipple only gets a split second, and then the nipple is usually tucked back away.

Onset this day; the blue-eyed beauty let her baggy t-shirt slip off her shoulder and never adjusted it back. That naked little shoulder caught my eye more than once for sure. Then I noticed she was wearing a very think little tank bra. Not much of a bra at all. This little tight scrap of cotton really was just enough to cover any unwanted boob exposer. You can’t have a Celebrity Nip Slip without some boob popping out, though, can you?

I thought someone would give her The Help she needed, but everyone just looked.

There was a moment in a scene she was acting with both the other names I recognized and could pronounce. An object was just out of reach and low to the floor she had to pick up. The gods were in our favor when the harmless Celebrity Nip Slip graced us all on set that day. This blessing continued to bestow gifts upon our eyes when she didn’t notice and left her perfect breast out. Do we consider it a nip slip when it, in fact, an entire boob on a platter for all to admire? I am choosing not to split hairs but celebrate instead.

If this actress had the awareness early on to Transform her public display of nudity, the moment might have passed without much note. My best guess is the tantalizing tit was out on display for a full minute, which feels like 30 when it’s a mistake. My memory instantly stored the singular jug in my spank bank Rolodex to be used at my leisure.

Once she looked down, of course, the party was over to an extent.

The goddess crafted can be tucked back into the bed of her soft cotton bra but will never be erased from my memory. I will also confess that her embarrassment is also a factor in my turn on the meter. It was such a virtuous reaction to an innocent slip, and if you haven’t figured out whom I’ve been speaking of, they aren’t very virtuous. A vixen really with her long black hair and Mutant perfect body. What can I say other than the girl is a total fox.

The crew chuckled as little as possible and tried to act like grown-ups who have all seen a rouge boob out in the world before. Isn’t it so funny when adults turn into adolescent kids over such a little luscious thing? From now on, though, every time I see her, I will see the goods popping out in my naughty mind. Thank god for small favors like being on set at that particular moment in time. Maybe next time she can accidentally uncross her slender legs while wearing a short skirt and show me her pussy.

If a Celebrity Nip Slip can happen, I mean, why not a pussy slip. Is that even a thing? It definitely should be. The pussy slip that keeps on giving, lol.