Did you know that May is International Celebrate Masturbation Month? Not many American’s know, so I’ll school you on the cool history. Back in May, 1994 Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders was speaking at the United Nations World Aids Day. An audience member asked her about masturbation’s potential for discouraging early sexual activity. The thought was to help curb the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Ms. Elders responded beautifully. “I think it is something that is part of human sexuality and a part of something that perhaps should be taught”.  Unfortunately, president Bill Clinton and I’m sure Hillary didn’t think so. Forcing this sexually forward doctor to resign from her Washington career two days later.

Fucking Haters! I guess inserting a cigar up someone’s ass is more proper.

Nonetheless, a San Francisco sex shop called Good Vibrations heard about this travesty. The founding women of the adult toy store proclaimed, “Enough is Enough!” For this reason, they immediately started to spread the hot topic of Ms. Elders’ ruthless firing. At the same time, encouraging people to start talking about the joys of masturbation. Good Vibrations had seen the struggles people had with self-love. Quickly realizing they needed to start a support group that would celebrate masturbation! For the purpose of taking away the shame and stigma attached to self-pleasure.

Hooray!!! Let’s Celebrate Masturbation by Fucking Ourselves!!!

Personally, I’ve always LOVED to Celebrate Masturbation!!! With myself, mutual and with you sexy men for hot phone sex. Granted, we should Celebrate Masturbation as often as possible. I’ve been masturbating since I was a young girl. I would fall asleep in the fetal position with my hands between my legs. Middle finger inside my pussy together with the pointer and third finger gently laying between my lips. Needless to say, this felt incredible. My mom caught me masturbating as a pre-teen, fucking mortifying to say the least. She hollered “you’re going to burn in hell for doing that!” Her negative words made my head spin! At the same time, my first thought was, something that feels this good, will NOT inflict hellfire on my ass.

I’m guessing we all have at least one negative experience from self-pleasure.

With this in mind, fuck those who judge us for touching our cocks or Public Pussy Play. Instead, we suggest they take time to learn the erotic pleasures of masturbation, alone or mutual. Masturbation is known to relax our mind and body, as a result, making us happier human beings. True story, my now ex-boyfriend and I were laying in bed watching porn when I received a work call. I took my happy ass to the living room and started masturbating while playing with my client. This prick comes out only to catch me rubbing my pussy. Instead of joining me or eating me out, this asshole was visibly pissed off.  When the call ended, I went back to the bedroom to laugh this off. Surprisingly, he was so fucking butt hurt that I celebrate masturbation by myself that this ass munch could hardly look me in my face.

To point out, we were both touching his dick while watching porn.

Which in turn had me turned the fuck on. Not to mention, I wanted to keep my horny pussy wet and ready to fuck him when my call was done. Instead, he scolded me for masturbating, explaining he doesn’t want me playing with myself while I work. Dude, I get men off  8 hours a fucking day, but I can’t get myself off!!??!! Please don’t be that douche nozzle…or bitch. Appreciate and respect each other for touching our cocks n’ pussy’s!

As well as discussing the benefits, beauty, and self-gratification of masturbating with our husbands, wives, and friends.


Better yet, let’s masturbate together, call me now, I’m always down.