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His cock was throbbing against both of our lips. This was going to make for some fucking dope ass celeb sex stories. He reached down with his hand and with his hand he pushed us one at a time down the entire length of it. We were his own personal play toys for the night. After all, we enjoyed every last second of it. My fingers could not help but wander their way to Mallory’s perfect pussy.

Celeb Sex Stories With A Juicy Finish

Although, she could not resist mine either. Soon we were moaning and groaning and entirely too hot to resist any longer. He shoved us over onto our hands and knees. We continued to hold hands and kiss each other’s lips. His hands grabbed both of our outer-most ass cheeks. First, he buried his face straight into the warm wet cunt of Mallory. He licked her until she covered him in her pussy juices. Without even wiping himself with a towel he snail trailed to me. I came so hard I screamed out for more.

Double Trouble And One Sticky Load

Slowly we climbed the wall. We all three continued to dance with each other. Mallory kissed me as I leaned against the wall. Her soft whimpers vibrated against my lips as he continued to plow into her. Then, with me bent over the couch I sucked on her cunt as he fucked me. There was never a dull moment, and no-one was left out. At the end when he was ready to blow Mallory and I knelt down naked and kissed each other with our tits touching. He came showering our kidding lips in his load. The two of us snowballed and finger banged each other till we blow!

So Fucking Hot! This would make for the best phone sex!




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