The other day I was in the mood to make a boy suffer so I called up one of my old fuck buddies who enjoyed a little CBT, threw some toys in my bag, and went over to his place.

We went to the bedroom and I had him get undressed then ordered him to lie on the bed. I took a pair of handcuffs out of my bag and attached them to his wrists, looping the chain around one of the bars on the headboard. I looked down at him; he was already semi-hard. I knew just the thing to make him rock hard. I took a Wartenberg Wheel out of my bag.

I got between his legs and held his dick in one hand. I moved the wheel slowly along the length of his dick, starting at the base.

He made little gasping noises as the edges moved over his sensitive skin. His dick twitched and he got harder as I moved closer to the head. I kept moving the wheel on him as I wrapped my other hand around his head. I rubbed my thumb over his head and across the slit, smearing pre-cum over it as the wheel pricked him. He was breathing heavy and I knew the sensations were driving him crazy. He must have been dying for it to stop. Instead, I rubbed my thumb on the underside of his head, working that sensitive spot. He really liked that and I put the wheel down. I kept rubbing him and asked him how badly he wanted to cum. He told me that he really needed to cum and to please, please let him. I told him I wanted to hear him beg and he did. It got me wet hearing him so desperate but I wanted a little bit of pain added to his voice.

I reached down and cupped his balls; they felt heavy and warm. I bounced them lightly in my hand and he moaned. He was enjoying this too much. I held his balls tighter in my hand and gave them a harder smack. He let out a groan. Better. I smacked him again and again, increasing the pressure each time. His groans turned into soft little whimpers as I got rougher with him. I could hear the handcuffs clinking as he kept trying to pull away from me. I didn’t stop until I thought he couldn’t take much more. I held his balls in my hand and told him it was too bad he couldn’t see how red they were. I let him go and gave him a minute to catch his breath. I asked if he still wanted to cum and the pain slut in him nodded.

I squeezed his balls tightly and told him that he could cum with two conditions: he had to jerk himself off and he only had 60 seconds to do it. If he didn’t cum by the time the minute was up then he’d never see me again. I told him to start and began counting down in my head. His hand flew to his dick and he began pumping it as my fingernails dug into his balls. At the 50 second mark, I felt his balls jerk up and he started to cum.

When he was done I let him go. His balls were red and had little crescents from my nails etched into them. He’d be feeling my presence for the next few days which was fine by me.

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