My professor is desperately in need of some cbt punishment!

My professor is such a pervert! He can’t seem to keep his hands to himself. I got sick of it and decided that he was in need of some cbt punishment. I wasn’t going to let him get away with grabbing my schoolgirl ass whenever he felt like it. Just because I’m his student, doesn’t mean that he can manhandle me however he wants!

Once class was letting out for the day, I slipped a little something extra into my professor’s cup of coffee. If he hadn’t been so busy staring at my perky little tits bouncing up and down, maybe I wouldn’t have been able to get one over on him. Once he slumped down in his chair and passed out, I had some of my male friends give me a hand. They dragged him to an empty storage room that was set back from the main classrooms.

He was stripped naked and placed in a chair with his hands and feet bound tightly.

Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez was being played over the speakers. Confusion crossed his face as his eyes fluttered open. Flexing against the ropes, he realized that he was not only naked but all tied up. That’s when I crossed the floor towards him, the sound of my stilettos clicking on the tile.

Clueless as ever, my professor had no idea that he was in for some brutal cbt punishment from his student. Ever the pervert, he just couldn’t keep his eyes from sliding up and down my body. His dick started to get hard, and I just know he was picturing me naked. The nerve of him! I reached out and set a big rat trap off on his cock head.

As I laughed at his pain, I dipped two q-tips in icy hot and shoved them in his piss hole. That was only the beginning of his cock and ball torture. I grabbed some tacks and started pressing them into his ball sack until the torture got so intense that he passed out. Maybe next time, he’ll think twice and learn to keep his hands to himself.

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