Are you craving crazy?  I am crazy!   Crazy and hungry!  Hungry for a real man.  One I can make squirm, grunt, even make him squeal a little or a lot.  Extreme is how I roll.  How extreme you ask?  Well, you tell me….

I love to start by tying you up.  Really tight.  So when you try to move the rope cuts in to your wrist.  Which is good for me because I like to see a little blood shed before you bitch out and cum.  Next order of business. Tying your legs as far apart as they will go and then some so I can hear your skin stretching.

I take my fishing line and tie it repeatedly around your cock and balls holding them together nice and tight.  Cutting of the blood flow.  Making those balls nice and purple for me.  Making them swell so big they make the perfect punching bags.   I practice my right hook and my upper cuts for a bit.  Watching the tears of ecstasy fall from your eyes.  Sometimes I forget your safe word and get carried away.  Just when you are begging for mercy, I oblige.

Which then brings me to my next session.  Acupuncture.  I have a nice variety of needles and pins I like to play with.  All different sizes and lengths.  I first place the fattest and longest one right under your sac as close as I  can get to the taint.

Now, because I am Miss. Caden and I am the queen of tease and denial as well.  I shall leave you hanging with a sharp thick needle stuck in your nut sac.    You will have to call and beg for release to get to this happy ending!