Why are married men so sexy to me?

I’d been into his office a few times. He helped me with my taxes every year and always got me the best return. He was an older married man that looked amazing for his age. So youthful and kissable. This year I had to return to his office more than just once. The last time I went in I had a plan! I knew I got him just as aroused as he got me. Game on!

I wore my favorite form fitting black dress that stopped right above my knee. I had a garter belt, thigh highs and black leather pumps on as well. I sat down and crossed my legs trying to not be too obvious. We had been talking for a few minutes before I stood up and locked his office door. Thankfully he had a couch in his office so we’d have plenty of fun.

I walked to his side of the desk and sat right in front of him. I slowly opened my legs but not enough to show him my panties. I was looking down at him smiling…damn he was so yummy! I knew he was a married man but I didn’t care at this moment. He needed it and so did I! There were no words exchanged as I lead in and kissed him. That’s when I knew he’d been thinking about this and aching for it!

I put my hands up into his hair and let our tongues dance together.

There was no rush in our pleasure. I wanted the build up to be just as good as the release. I pulled myself into his lap straddling him, continuing to kiss. He pushed my skirt up so that his legs were now grasping my hips as he pulled me as close as possible. As our mouths moved as one I unbuttoned his shirt and then started to work on mine. He pulled my bra off and then quickly unzipped my skirt. I stood in front of him as I pulled it down and exposed my lingerie to him. I could hear his breath catch in his throat. He stood and lead me over to the couch where he pulled my panties off and sat me down.

He knelt in front of me, pulling me right to the edge of the couch. He kissed up the inside of my thighs as he made his way to my sweet spot. That’s when I felt his fingers spread my lips. His tongue found my clit and started to flick slowly back and forth. The pleasure was almost too much to handle. I grabbed his head and held him close as he licked and sucked my clit and pussy. His fingers slipped inside of my pussy and one inside my ass. That was my tipping point. I erupted in an intense and strong orgasm. I couldn’t help but scream out in pleasure as it rolled through my body.

This man wasn’t done with me yet! That was the first of many orgasms from that day. Want to know how it ends?

Keep an eye out for the rest of this amazing experience from my sexy married man!

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