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Even though I’m supposed to be doing homework right now, I can’t stop thinking about having some really hot sex toy sex tonight instead. I’m home alone and that hot new vibrator is hiding in the back of my closet, calling out to me. It’s so long and thick, the biggest one I’ve tried to take yet. I’m so glad my best friend’s older sister didn’t mind buying it for me. It’s still early and at least four hours until anyone else gets home, just a few minutes couldn’t hurt right?

Tossing my book on my bed, I walk over to the closet and reach way in the back where it’s hidden behind my clothes. I can’t have anyone finding it after all. Sex toy sex is so exciting as a first date almost, well my idea of a first date anyway since I do love to suck and get fucked! But shh…that’s our little secret ok? Yes, I can see you standing outside my window watching me. I’m going to put on an extra good show for you. That’s right I’m a total teen voyeur.

Since you’re staring why don’t you join in on the fun a little bit? Slide your zipper down and stroke that cock while I wrap my lips around this long thick dildo. My wet pink tongue slowly swirls around the head sliding my lips up and down while you pump that cock. How does my tight bald pussy look, long legs spread wide and aimed right at you? I can see the pre-cum leaking from your cock from here. You’re picturing my tongue lapping it right up, admit it. I can hear your moans through the open window and you can hear me.

Watch closely as I start to slowly slide it up and down my bald pussy lips.

Taking my time, I slowly slide it in one inch at a time. The feel of it makes my pussy drip all over it. Look at how drenched my new dildo is. I’m going to break it in so good. Watch me suction it down to the floor right in front of the window where you’re jerking that big hard cock. How do you like watching me bounce up and down for some naughty sex toy sex session? My small perky tits are bouncing up and down, my nipples so stiff as I take every inch inside of me.

I don’t think this toy is going to do the job I needed after all. Hurry up and come in here with me.  Get those pants off, watch me straddle you and tease that throbbing cock up and down my juicy wet slit. Grab me by my waist and thrust that dick deep inside of me so I can feel every inch of you filling me up and making me moan like crazy. Your balls feel so full slapping up against me, I can’t wait to drain that big sticky hot load of cum.

Bareback taboo school girl exhibitionist sex just drives me wild! Hopefully, this doesn’t turn into impregnation sex but if it does oh well. I can’t resist that hot sticky load of cum, I need you to fill my tight bald pussy right up.

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