First Boyfriend

I got my first boyfriend this year and things are going so great! However, my dad seems to be a bit jealous. I know that he doesn’t want to share me with another boy, but he needs to understand something.. We are in love!!! So in love that I am thinking of letting my boyfriend take my virginity. We have to be extra sneaky. There is no way I can chance getting caught by dad.

I wouldn’t have to be so sneaky or lie as much as I do if my dad wasn’t so down my neck all the time.  My boyfriend did everything right. He shook my dad’s hand and called him sir, yet my dad gave him dirty looks and talked down to him. I finally decided just to keep my relationship with my boyfriend a secret.

Secret Relationship

My boyfriend and I came to an agreement to hide our relationship from our parents in order to be happier and not as monitored. We told everyone we broke up but kept our relationship alive through texting and sneaking out together. It was so much more exciting this way. It made the moments we spent together extra special.

We would always FaceTime when everyone went to bed and get a little naughty over our video calls. He and I shared our most intimate desires and explored every inch of each other’s bodies over the calls. It was always a rush of fear and excitement when I would be lying naked in bed, and hear my dad get up for a glass of water in the middle of the night. I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to get caught by dad this way. What would he do?

Sending Nudes in the Dressing Room

One day, my mom and I were out shopping for new bras and I was texting my secret boyfriend. I was so excited to show him the new bras I had picked out for tonight. We were finally going to have sex and everything was going to be perfect! I was getting so turned on by his teasing messages when my dad killed my mood. Getting sexy texts from your boyfriend and demanding texts from your father, really leaves you conflicted. 

When I got into the dressing room, I started to pose in my new bras for my boyfriend. Snapping picture after picture, I had a good little collection of nudes and semi-nudes to get him nice and hard for me tonight. When I pressed send, my stomach filled with butterflies. It was really going to happen. I was going to lose my virginity! Now I just need to wait for my parents to fall asleep so that I can sneak out!

Caught by dad

Pretending to be asleep, I hear my dad open my door and shut it behind him. He came and sat on the foot of my bed and held out his phone to my face. There were all of my nudes from this afternoon!!! How could I be so stupid?

Looking up at him embarrassed and worried for his next reaction, my dad said very few words to me.

“You know you shouldn’t be sending pictures like this to me. You look very beautiful, but what would your mother do if she found out?”

And then it hit me. My dad thinks that I meant to send these to him. Without another second to process my next move, my dad was sliding my panties down my legs and spreading them open.

So many emotions and thoughts were running through my mind. I landed on what seemingly was the best one. If I was going to have sex with my boyfriend for the first time tonight, I don’t want him to think I’m not good at it. I am going to have sex with my dad first and show my boyfriend the best sex ever.

My Dad Took My Virginity

My dad started by licking on my sweet virgin pussy. I took a deep breath when I saw my daddy’s monster cock for the first time. I knew how big my boyfriend was, but his doesn’t even compare to my dad’s cock. My dad pressed himself into me. Stretching my pussy in ways my fingers never could. It hurt at first, but after a few deep strokes, I was craving more. He covered my mouth with his hands so my mom wouldn’t hear. My dad’s cock was the first I had ever tasted, and the first load I had ever swallowed. I guess getting caught by dad wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

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