Snow days are the absolute best in Canada because most times your parents still go to work. My older brother and I got to stay home and have a bit of fun. My

brother Joey and his friend Ronny were being awful quiet for two 18-year-old boys. I swear those two were always loud as fuck when they hung out. Curious as to what they were up to, I crept down the stairs and what I saw shocked me.

Ronny was sitting next to my brother Joey on the sofa in the den. Both of their hands were in one another’s pants. You could hear the soft moaning of porn on the T.V as they clearly jerked one another off. Now at first I was shocked to my toes since both boys were dating the hottest chicks in school.

After a few moments of watching, things got hotter when Joey pulled his hand out of  Ronny’s pants. Joey pulled Ronny down by the back of his neck and guided him to his hard cock. Ronny didn’t even resist. He knew just what to do. His head bobbed up and down Joey’s shaft with expert skill.

You could tell this wasn’t the first time he sucked a cock.

I found myself actually getting wet and really turned on. This was dirty and so wrong of me to watch, my fingers had found their way under my nightshirt and into my panties. I fingered my clit and worked it in small fast circles. Listening to Joey give Ronny praise on what a good cock sucker he was really pushed me closer to coming.

My brother took his cock back from Ronny and pushed him down onto his back.

With his cock still dripping in spit he guided his hard-on into Ronny’s ass. His friend closed his eyes and bit his lower lip. He started to moan louder but Joey growled out to shut the fuck up. He covered Ronny’s mouth with his hand. Joey fucked deeper and harder until he came in a tense silent gasp.

Joey’s cock stayed in Ronny’s ass pulsing while Ronny jerked off to a finish. Both boys separated and changed over to playing video games. Fuck! I didn’t want it to end that fast! I walked into the room and plopped down between the boys. “So yeah that was hot, but I didn’t get to finish…” was all I said.

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