Caught jerking off! I get asked a lot what I have done, how many partners I’ve had and/or how many guys I have had at one time. I also get asked if I have any taboo tales to tell. This story recently came up… I figured I would share.
I had been dating this older guy. He had a teenage son that was a senior in high school. Honestly, I was closer in age to his son than my boyfriend. I knew he was always checking me out like teenage boys do. I’d get a kick out of him looking at my tits at the pool. I do have to admit that I purposely would walk around without a bra in my nighties. That was just the excitement I craved and as my nipples would get hard against my thin nightie, I’d fuck the shit out of this boy’s daddy. One night, after I slipped out of the old man’s room, I ran into his son… a hot, buff and tan younger version of his father. I didn’t think he was even home and I had planned on sneakin’ down to the kitchen for a drink. His daddy was fast asleep after fucking me all night. But I was still hot and his son was jerkin’ off in the den. I couldn’t help but stop and watch in the shadows. I only had my sheer baby doll negligee on and I felt my wetness as he stroked.
Call me and I’ll tell ya all the horny details… or we can make up a fantasy of our own.
Call me, dirty boys.