Virginity Lost during confessional service

It was a Wednesday morning mass in-between school hours, a Wednesday mass just like any other…or was it? I was wearing my catholic school uniform with short skirt and high socks with the ever lingering thoughts of my virginity in my head. We had a new priest for the last 2 months and he was very different from the other priest. He was more modern during his homily and more enthusiastic about the service in general. During my first communion experience with this new priest I let him place the bread on my tongue as I stood there with my mouth gaped open. His fingers touched my tongue and I knew instantly I wanted him. I wanted the priest to put his big cock in my tight, young pussy.

Being a catholic and he was a priest, these thoughts of fucking the father were forbidden and sinful. I had to confess my sins to him in the confessional. Service began and I told him before service that I needed confession, he kissed my forehead and said to meet him in the confessional. I got into the confessional and began to confess my sins. Told him of my thoughts, my thoughts on wanting his cock, my thoughts of how after the first communion with him I stopped wearing my school girl panties so I could feel my wet pussy drip during service.

I confessed to him that I wanted him to penetrate me and take my virginity. He was silent, then he responded and said 20 hail Mary’s for you and put your cross around your neck and come to this side of the confessional so I can punish you further for your sins.  I responded “yes father”, and did as he asked.

I went to his side of the confessional and he looked at me and said I will grant you one kiss for being truthful with your sins.

He then got on his knees and reached up my school dress. He began to kiss my inner thighs, then my pussy and my clit. I started to moan, he covered my mouth and bent me over his knee. He then placed his fingers inside of my virgin pussy and began to finger fuck me. As he held my mouth to keep me from moaning we could hear the service start and choir begin, and the church bells ring as he proceeded to slide his cock into my dripping wet pussy. He fucked me harder and harder as I gripped his robe. Then he grabbed my rosary and came. He came all inside of my tight virgin pussy.

He forgave me for my sins and told me to never repeat what occurred in confessional during service. I bowed and said “yes father, and thank you father”. And that is how I lost my virginity in catholic school during service. Ever since then I always masturbate to the priest even to this day.

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