Catholic High School Reunion Makes For a Hot Teacher Surprise!

It was time for my high school reunion. I was a sweet, innocent little princess for most of my Catholic school years. I know I started to get a little bad at the end but I was looking forward to everyone seeing how much I had changed! Figured I might even get to sneak off and fuck the husband of one of the stuck of bitches that I went to school with. Those girls always thought they were better than everyone and I couldn’t wait to get some revenge.

When I got there it was pretty much the standard High school reunion setting. There were big banners that read “Class of 2005” and everyone was already separated into their normal cliques. Since I went to an all-girl Catholic school there were a bunch of catty females with their husbands awkwardly clinging onto their arms like lost little puppies. I was going to wear a really sexy dress to the event, but after trying on my old uniform and finding out that it fit, I decided that sexy ass thing was a better fit. The skirt was shorter and the button-up shirt was tighter which was no surprise since my tits had doubled in size since graduation. I looked like every man’s fantasy of what a Catholic school girl should look like.

As I walked into the room I felt like all eyes were on me.

I took to the room making sure to bounce from person to person picking out my prey. There were lots of hot men to choose from. That was the plan until I saw a student I had gone to school with. Yes, another female. She and I used to have some of the hottest times in the gym locker room and even a few steamy nights when we did sleepovers. I hadn’t talked to her in years! She did not have the standard perfect husband accessory on her arm like most the other women. She had something much, much bigger going on.  Over that tight body, I knew she had was a long robe and framing that gorgeous face was a black and white habit. Not only was she a nun, but a teacher at our old high school.

I lightly bit my lower lip holding back a moan as my pussy started to drip in need. She was the forbidden fruit and I just had to have her again. I slowly walked over to where she stood. My panties were now soaked as my head kept going over how good it would be to taste her again. We began a conversation but I was not really paying attention to the words coming out of her mouth.

All I could see was the way that her lips pursed around them and kept wondering how I was going to get her alone.

That is when I had a brilliant idea. I asked her if she would pray with me, privately, maybe in her room and we could just give our hearts to God like when we were girls. (This is what we told the nuns we were doing in high school when they would ask where we disappeared for so long). She was grinning from ear to ear. I could almost feel the little devil horns sprouting from my head. I didn’t know if she remembered our excuse or not, but there was only one way to really find out.

As she led the way up the stairs she started to tell me how her vow of celibacy had really transformed her life, and how she really appreciated that I was going to allow her to lead me in healing prayer. I only answered in nods and “Mmm-hmms” because at this point I was salivating so much that I wouldn’t be able to form an intelligent response even if I wanted to. Once we got to her room, she locked the door and began to engage in our private prayer session.

I stripped out of my clothes while she had her eyes closed and head bowed in prayer.


As she lifted her head and opened her eyes she saw me on the bed, naked, and started stumbling on her words. I told her how hot she was in her new “uniform” and how it reminded me of us sneaking around in school. Before she could reply I leaned forward and silenced her lips with my own giving her a little peck kiss on the lips. She pressed into them even harder and began to kiss me passionately. Her kiss was gentle and eager, encouraging my hands to wander under her cloak right to her panties, which to my surprise, were not cotton but lace. As I pulled her skirts up for further inspection I saw that they were even the bright red color of sin.

I groaned loudly, thirsting for a taste of her pussy. I may have grown up to be a fetish phone sex slut, but this is one that takes the cake! Not only was she a naughty nun, but this lesbian sex goes all the way back to when we were schoolgirls in our sexy little uniforms. I dove right between her legs and began licking that forbidden pussy right through her panties. She was already wet too which made things even hotter for me. I pulled her red lace panties to the side and began to suck on her clit. Slowly I slid two of my fingers into her pussy, a little surprised at how easily they went in. Going deeper into her I knew I found her g-spot when she let out a loud moan.

I took to my own pussy too, rubbing my clit in long, drawn-out circles using my juices as lube to begin finger fucking my own dripping cunt.

Fuck, it was so hot, so dirty, so forbidden and I did not want it to stop. Just when I thought it could not get any better she reached over into her side table and pulled out a dildo. This was not your standard 6 inches either; this was a 20-inch long, 5-inch around, double-ended fuck stick. My jaw dropped to the floor as she removed everything except for her habit. Turning me over onto all fours she slapped me on my ass, then leaned down and started to gently bite it.

I whimpered in pleasure and then without warning, she shoved a portion of the dildo into my cunt. Fuck it felt so right. She got onto all fours and backed up with her ass touching mine. She lifted the dildo up to her own sweet pussy and backed onto it. It is safe to say the teachers in this school were taking care of their own lust issues because this dirty little nun knew what she was doing. As we both banged our asses against each other, taking in half of the shared fuck toy, we reached between our legs and began to play with our pussies.

Slamming harder and harder into each other, we started cumming.

Long, loud, and hard as fuck! With our juices coating the shared dildo and running down our legs we collapsed breathlessly. I let out a little laugh and told her how amazing it was! Way better than high school! This was definitely a reunion to be remembered for a long time! With all of my naughty experiences and a filthy mind, there is nothing too taboo for our phone sex time together! Give me a call, tell me all of your fantasies and we can role play them out with so much detail you will think it happened for real!

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