She Catches A Panty Sniffer!

It is a super hot summer day… I wake up in the very morning in order to wake up the pupils I am responsible for and get them ready for their breakfast. I put on my swimsuit and some very light summer clothes and afterwards I help the kids get dressed and make their beds. After all this I put them in a row for a walk down the hill. As we arrive at the venue where the breakfast is served I can hear someone calling my name to return back to the bungalow, alone. Then I walk back up the hill and I enter the bungalow… all I am thinking of is whether I was not careful enough and locked some kid inside. I had no idea that today I was going to catch a Panty sniffer.

When I enter the bungalow I see that guy, the head of the group leaders, laying on my bed with my pink lace panty on his face… He seems so lost in his thoughts that the Panty sniffer didn’t hear me getting closer to the bungalow! I approach the bed and I am feeling so sexy knowing someone wants my panties on their face… He is a very handsome, flirty guy that I couldn’t avoid, and couldn’t help but notice.

I was getting more and more curious and horny and I couldn’t hold myself anymore so I poked him…and he takes them off his face, looking at me like a little kid that I caught him doing something very very very bad.…now my attitude towards him is to punish him! The boy is staring at me, trying to say some apologizing phrases but I cannot hear him. All I am thinking is to make him lick me all over my body! All I am thinking is his tongue on my pussy lips.

I ask him to stand up and give me my panty. He does so, while staring at me like a puppy.
I can see his pants are about to explode and that his hard dick is very much visible. I have my pink lace panty on my hands and I rub it on his pants, right by his bulge. Like that, I slowly remove his pants and I touch his very hard cock, rubbing the lace against it. He grabs me with his strong arms and removes my swimsuit and clothes just by one move, telling me “why we haven’t done that the other night? When I sang to you?” and I respond that “it was about time to happen today and that specific way” And I make his hand go down on my pussy and I just lay back and enjoy his tongue making me shake again and again.

The bungalow is placed in the middle of the camping area but almost everyone is now at the dining venue having breakfast. His hands are now all over me trying to take enough of me while I get on top of him telling him “I am about to really punish you panty sniffer” and making him use his fingers, put them inside my very very wet pussy and then lick them! All I want now is to feel him inside me, filling my wet hole…and he does! He finally uses his strength to get inside me and conquer my whole body like that! I am way hornier than him right now, being still on top of him and moving my body rhythmically in order to satisfy my pussy and fulfill all my fantasies!

He now stops me and he is asking me to put on my pink lace panties…he wants to take control of me and I feel like I would enjoy letting him do so for a little while. He says “Stand up and put your body against the wall, now Panty sniffer! Turn your back to me and just stand like that!” I follow his commands and I close my eyes…he is putting the panty a little aside and begins fucking me hard, making my pussy flow with so much juice that my legs are all wet…All I am thinking is nothing but the moment I’m now living! Pussy juice keeps coming in waves…and my pleasure is every time so unexpected but great!

I kneel I front of him to feel his warm cum on my face. He asks me to take off my pink lace panty again and he says to me “now smell it and tell me if you like that smell or not…” Well I do like the smell of sex but I have some pupils to attend. “I am sorry but I need to go to the dining venue! Keep the panty and enjoy the rest of your day, Panty sniffer!”

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