“Good morning”

“Have a great day beautiful”

“Do you mind if I walk with you?”

“Wow you are GORGEOUS!”

“Does your boyfriend know that he’s a lucky man?”

Most of the time I just ignore the catcalls that I get on a daily basis. Guys who I’ve never met before in my life either yell those phrases at me from across the street or as I am passing them. So one day I decided to take one of the guys up on his words.

I was having a really shitty day! I woke up to find out that my account was overdrawn by like $50, my rent was due and my boyfriend wasn’t returning my fucking texts for some reason. So to calm myself down I decided to just take a walk in he park next to my house. The day was sunny and I had a cute little summer dress and wedge sandals on. Even though I was outside and headed to the park I still had a major attitude problem and it still showed all over my face.

I couldn’t even smile at the little kids who were playing hopscotch on the sidewalk. I just had too much on my mind and I had no idea how I was going to deal with it. I was half way to the park when I heard:

“I bet I can eat your pussy and make your day go a lot easier sweetie!”

Wait. Did this guy just say that he would eat my pussy???? This was a first and his words caught me off guard. I was usually pretty good at ignoring the guys when they would flirt with me but this guy was so bold that I couldn’t ignore him. Plus the fact that his offer was interesting to me. I stopped and laughed a little bit and then he said it again. I turned around and asked him if he was serious. He said not only was he serious but that he could guarantee that he could eat my pussy so good that he could make me cum 3 times!!!!

I knew that a good squirt would be just what I needed. So, after thinking about it for about 20 seconds I said, “Okay. I wanna see if you’re a man of your word.” The look on his face was fucking PRICELESS LOL!!!! He asked me if I was serious about 10 times. When he finally saw that I wasn’t laughing he agreed to do exactly what he said he would do.

He took me behind an abandoned apartment building. I took my panties off as he lifted my right leg over his shoulder and he kneeled down under me. He told me that my pussy smelled like roses and then started to lick my clit. I was rubbing my tits and quietly moaning. Just knowing that anybody could walk up on us at any moment was turning me the fuck on! His tongue covered my pussy cat entirely. I was so pleased to find that he was in fact very good with his pussy eating skills. I took his head in my hand and shoved his face deeper into my cunt hole. I could feel his tongue licking my juicy pussy walls.

My cream poured onto his tongue and the more I moaned the more aggressive his licking and slurping became. His lips and tongue worked together which made my body feel like I was exploding from the inside out. When I opened my eyes I noticed a homeless guy had found us. He had his cock in his hand and was jerking it off really hard. Like me the homeless guy couldn’t believe what was happening. I came once and then twice. But by the third time the stranger that was eating my pussy couldn’t take it anymore and he pulled his cock out and jerked it off all over my toes. The homeless blew his load too.

The guy told me he owed me one since he only made me cum twice and not three times like he promised. So we exchanged numbers. My day did go a lot better after my encounter 🙂 My boyfriend text me back and he gave me the money I needed to cover my rent and the overdraft fee. It turned out to be my lucky day. Who knew catcalling could be such a good thing?

Wondering what could happen if you catcalled me? Try it and let’s see…



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