Castration sex stories theme of the hour and so happens to be my personal favorite.

You think you’ve heard castration sex stories until you’ve heard recountings of real femdom sessions. Castration fantasizers, curl up. It’s time for a little Q & A. Hopefully it clears up all your pesky, lingering questions!

What’s the best method to remove my gonads?

There are a MYRIAD of handy gadgets just for making that goodbye (and good riddance!) snip. If you’re going for shock value, I’d recommend the infamous penis guillotine. Who cares if it is supposed to be used for cigars? Your dick will fit in there JUST fine.

Yesterday I learned about a new method, livestock tried and tested for ages. The burdizzo gives your castration a more “hands-on” feel for the castrator. Also, there’s the delayed gratification of “elastation” . . . or as I like to call it, the ULTIMATE reverse edging process!

How will castration improve my attitude?

Once you are no longer preoccupied with such base and vile pursuits as masturbation and sex you will finally be able to enjoy your life as a gelding. Not to mention (in the LARGER context of the “greater good”), there will no longer be any chance of reproducing any wretched offspring.

Now, don’t be fooled: castration won’t solve ALL your problems or turn you into a saint. Many of your rank behaviors will still remain, especially if you are an older specimen.

Taboo phonesex chats aren’t going to give you the satisfaction you REALLY need. You know you’d be better off without your manhood. If you don’t, I’m more than happy to make you my forced sissy.

Still unsure? Think of what a better place the WORLD would be, let alone your (poor, miserable) family and friends! (if you have any, that is)

Call me today for your humiliation phone sex castration consultation.

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