Castration was the perfect punishment for the serial rapist!

One of my friends came crying to me that she had been raped. She was at a college party and someone had slipped something in her drink. That’s when I heard that it had been happening to a lot of the girls at our school. Castration popped into my mind as being the perfect punishment. The only question was how I could make that happen. My mind started racing as I plotted just how I would deliver my punishment.

The pig deserved a taste of his own medicine. Turning the tables on him and delivering my castration punishment would be so much fun! Picking out a very sexy outfit was important since I would be the bait to lure the pervert in. My black leather miniskirt and red silky halter top with black stiletto heels were perfect! I knew that once I headed to that frat party he would make his way to me.

Only ten minutes had passed before the pervert approached.

He thought he was so slick offering to bring me a drink. He was looking at my tight teen body up and down. I wanted to gag! Luckily he was such a horny fuck, it wasn’t hard to distract him long enough to switch our glasses. The dumb ass never even saw it coming. I hold to hold back the giggles as I convinced him to leave the party with me. We went straight to an old abandoned warehouse where my friend was waiting.

She needed to be there while I punished him. There was no way she could miss out on witnessing her castration revenge courtesy of me! It was so easy to strip him naked and tied him with his hands and legs spread wide. He was so out of it he didn’t even realize what was happening until he saw the blade in my hand. His eyes got so big they looked like they were going to pop right out of his head. The sounds that came out of his ears when I slit open his ball sac were music to both of our ears!

I’m pretty sure he hit much higher notes than my poor friend did when she was being raped by the monster. By the time we were done with him, he was a ball-less, sniveling shell of his former self. He’ll never rape again…

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