Castration Fantasy: Chop it off! Get rid of that waste of flesh. A castration fantasy is not as uncommon as many people think. Growing up, my mother always told me to never kick or hit a boy in the dick or balls. So how come so many of them want you to destroy their manhood with a flick of the knife? It seems many men today find their cock and balls to be a waste. Lorena Bobbit set the trend for castration in 1989. Of course, she did it for different reasons, but the result was still the same.
This little fantasy of my dear client is out there. He claims to have gone to a club where men are castrated and fed their balls. He wants me to force him into it. How? Blackmail of course. The more we talk on the phone sex line, the deeper he gets. One day I will have enough evidence to push him into removing that appendage for good. The first time we spoke on the phone, he was apprehensive to tell me his desire. What people don’t understand is. I would never judge any fantasy or craving. How could I when some of mine are deep and dark as well?

Castration Fantasy: “Will I regret having my cock and balls removed?”

We’ve practiced during calls how he would have the procedure done. Would he do it himself? Or should he have castration done by a professional?  Both are on the table, but to be safe, only one is optimal. He will need to find a professional to remove his cock and balls. See, we could do the balls only, but I want the cock taken as well.  I am going to be on the phone with him as he gets this done.  Obviously, I want to hear the fear in his voice, and make sure he doesn’t back out. I will tell her to be sure to give him a good dose of Cock and Ball Destruction before the procedure for my entertainment.


Castration Fantasy: “Will you let me cum one last time before it’s done?
I will allow him 24 hours to cum as many times as he wants. Plus, it’s good to have it done when the balls are empty. Will he regret this procedure? I sure hope so. Castration is not something to be taken lightly. Lately, though, we are toying with the idea of doing it like they do barnyard animals. I had him buy cock rings in a size too small and slip them on before he jacks off. The constriction of blood flow not only makes it almost impossible to achieve orgasm, but it also teaches him about the pain of this procedure. At one point I made him soak the penis and testicles in an ice bath for 10 minutes and saw at the flesh with a child’s play knife. It would not cut the flesh, but the fear was there.


Castration Fantasy: Chop Chop Loser!

What makes a normal man want to do something like this? I’ve asked many times and it stems back from his mother. She wanted a girl, and since he was an only child, she took out her anger on him. Forcing him to tuck his penis in panties, wear ribbons in his hair when home alone, and even punch himself in the dick and beg God to take it away. All this was done to make his mother happy. How far would you go to please a parent? Would you castrate your manhood if your mother asked you to?
I’ve collected pictures, personal information, phone numbers, and even his place of business. I have all this information tucked away in a safe spot in case he decides to not follow through with this task. Once the procedure is completed, I’ve asked him to plan a coming-out party. He will at that time reveal to his family and friends what he has done. Why he’s done it, and even how. We’ve not decided yet if he will get the female anatomy surgically reassigned, or he will just be another dickless man in the world. Every part of me wants to make him remain asexual for the rest of his life.
Castration will change your life. Literally. If you need that soft voice, or even that stern bitch, make sure to allow me to be a guide on your journey into a new life.


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