Cartoon sex. Yes, I said it, cartoon sex.

Sex should be fun and enjoyable. Sometimes when I do roleplay I loke do have cartoon sex. Finding the best time to shop for my role-playing is the week after Halloween when all the costumes are on clearance. I have so many costumes.

I love the Scooby Doo ones especially when we play Daphne and Velma.

Having Michael dress up as Daphne and I am Velma gets me so turned on. Bending him over and lubing his tight ass, preparing it for Velma’s strap-on makes me so wet. Watching it slide in and out as I am guiding his hips back and forth. I also love when he dresses up as Scooby and does me doggy with his huge cock.

We also play a lot of mommy/son daddy/daughter cartoon sex.

I will be Marge Simpson and catch my son Bart masturbating in his room so I guide him and teach him how to please a woman. Sometimes Michael plays George Jetson and I am his daughter Judy. Daddy George doesn’t want his little princess to regret her first time so He takes her virginity. Guys you know you always like the thought of taking a females virginity. Cartoon sex is the perfect fun way to pretend.

One of my favorites is the Fred and Wilma Flintstone outfits.

Fred carries his Caveman club around and is very dominating. He is the true Alpha Male and takes charge of the situation. Ordering me around and flipping me in different positions as he gets ready to release his load into my pussy makes him so happy. I absolutely love the part when he does cum he yells “YABBA DABBA DO”.

I love fantasy sex stories.

Do you have some you want to share with me? Call me and we can have naughty phone sex about your wildest fantasy.

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