Cartoon sex stories are one of my favorite kind of roleplays. That is because the taboo envelope can be allowed to be pushed to maximum capacity. However, at the end of the call, your conscience can be 100% clean if you tend to feel a little guilty from time to time. Allow these rule 34 cuckold sex stories to tempt you to a place you have never explored. This one will even have an animal sex twist!

Cartoon Sex: Shaggy And Fred Show Scooby Whose The Real Boss!

The Mystery Gang has always been such a tight-knit group. This kind of teamwork could only be obtained through extreme bonding activities, like fucking in the Mystery van! However, lately Fred and Shaggy have been feeling a little bit left out. You see, Scooby-Doo has become quite the lover to bothy Daphney and Velma. This wide width Great Dane tongue was perfect to cover every bit of Velma’s carrot patch! Daphney loved the way his pup slobber felt against her tight teen ass hole. As well, they both just couldn’t get enough of that big pup cock and that animal sex stamina.

However, Fred and Shaggy had had enough. They had needs at that time too, and it was time for the girls to give it up to them once again. However, Scooby was being too big of a cockblocking pussy hog! So the boys decided to put their heads together and come up with a plan to put their pup in his place. After slaving all-day gathering clues from their latest villainous fiend, the two tired teens walked around the corner to find the Mystery van rocking. The two looked at each other in sheer disappointment.

Now was the time bust-up that cartoon sex fur friend fuck fest!

Shaggy and Fred burst the door on the mystery van open, exposing the threesome to the cold air outside. Velma cried out “Jinkies” and the girls tried to cover themselves up. There were not going to hide from the jealous wrath of their mystery gang friends though. Shaggy climbed into the back and told the girls to get on their knees. He began to explain to Fred that “Such fine cunt should not be wasted on a K9 who can’t even last long enough to appreciate it.” He ran his hands across their backside over the top of their panties, giving their ass a loud slap. Nodding his head Fred agreed to his rugged stoner friend. He began to walk toward the girls and pulled their panties to the side.

“You know Scoob, I bet you thought these girls were head over heels for you. However, Stamina means nothing when you only have a weak needle dick. We are about to show you that you are nothing compared to our cocks!” The two high fived and leashed poor Scooby to the side of the van. He sat down crying and the girls obeyed every command the boys gave out! He thought the girls really preferred his animal sex. However, as they gagged and slobbered up and down the boys tormented Scooby rubbing his snout in it. With both the girls bent over onto all fours Shaggy and Fred fucked them from behind. They glared in Scooby’s sobbing eyes and cried out “They are our bitches again Scoob!”

Then just like that Shaggy and Fred pulled out spraying their girls all over with warm cum!


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