Cartoon sex, The real story of Aladdin!!

Cartoon sex, The real story of Aladdin!! So many of you know the kid’s version of Aladdin where they live happily ever after… Well, there is more to the story that they didn’t tell you. So after the end of the movie when the fireworks finished Jasmin went into the castle with Genie. Their personal conversation began to get heated when his cock began to get hard in front of her. His blue cock was peach at the tip and thick, just begging to be sucked. Jasmin dropped to her knees and began sucking Genie like he was the best tasting lollypop she had ever had.

As Jasmin sucked up and down on that throbbing cock Aladdin walked in. He was shocked at first but after watching for a moment his cock began to grow hard as a rock. So Aladdin decided to strip down and stand next to Genie, pushing his cock into Jasmin’s eager mouth. Then Genie Laid on the floor as Jasmin sucked Aladdin’s massive brown cock. Straddling Genie she sat down on his cock, moaning loud as she took every inch. Their hands touched every part of each other’s bodies as if they couldn’t get enough pleasure from one another.

Cartoon sex, The real kinky story!

As if this couldn’t get any hotter Abu came in. His furry monkey cock was hard the second he walked in the room. He ran over to Jasmin and jumped on her plump ass and slid his cock deep into her puckered hole. Abu positioned his tail so that he could rub her clit while she banged her ass so hard you could see her flinch everytime he slammed it into her. They all came in unison Aladdin filling her mouth, Genie filling her pussy and Abu came like an explosion in her ass.

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