Cartoon sex with Cindy Lou Who is both naughty and taboo. So if those are things that are too much for your vanilla eyes, you may want to refrain from reading now. Although, we both know you are too big of a pervert for that! 😉

Hello There! I am little Cindy Lou Who! You see, everyone told tales of how his heart was too small that Christmas where he decided to run amuck. They also said that a single hug and sweet little song saved Christmas that day. However, that is not the entire tale. Although, to be fair the real story is much more graphic.

25 Days Of Sexmas: Rule 34 Cartoon Sex With Cindy Lou Who

Poor Grinch, trapped up there in the top of the mountain for all those years. Surely you were led to believe that it was because he looked different. After all, men are always intimidated by those who are different then they are. Rather, in this case, I suppose I should correct myself and say bigger than they are. After all, that is exactly what the Grinch was. His cock was huge, and without release, his balls were 10 sizes too big! That is what really kept that pesky Grinch crabby for all of those long years.

That is how I actually saved Christmas for everyone!

So to solve the problem was me, sweet Cindy Lou Who. Standing in front of the Grinch in my PJ’s and panties his balls could barely contain themselves. All I had to do was get on my knees and kiss his cock a little. It stood right up, just like a Christmas Tree in the middle of the square. I whimpered and moaned and begged for his cum. He tossed my pint-size body into the air and slid me onto his big green cock. I screamed out “HA-WHO-DORIS!” As I came, covering his cock. He creampies my sweet young cunt as well! That is how I actually saved Christmas for everyone!

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